Brock Lesnar - Undertaker "Hell In A Cell" Match Billed As Their Final Battle

As noted earlier, WWE ran the promo above at tonight's WWE Night of Champions pay-per-view for Brock Lesnar's "Go To Hell" tour next month.

The tour starts off with the October 3rd Madison Square Garden show where he will face The Big Show, followed by appearing on a live WWE Network podcast with Steve Austin on October 19th. It ends with Lesnar facing The Undertaker inside the cell at the WWE Hell In A Cell pay-per-view on October 25th. WWE ran another promo for the tour later in the show which was slightly different than the one above as it stated that the 'Taker - Lesnar Hell In A Cell match would be their "final battle."

There was a lot of speculation that Taker and Lesnar would have their final match at WrestleMania 32.


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