Cameron On Where She Sees Herself In One Year, WWE Fans Who Say She's Undeserving, More

- Cameron recently spoke with BET Gospel to promote her new "Wrong #" anti-bullying campaign. The full Q&A is at this link. Below are a few highlights:

BET: As a WWE Diva, you're put in the position to be a role model and actively represent your brand 24/7. How has being in the spotlight, shaped how you want people, especially the youth, to view you?


Ariane: I want to first start off by saying I am not perfect. By being in the spotlight, it can definitely be difficult because, everything I do is scrutinized under the public microscope. I am ultimately an underdog, but I will always prevail. I work hard to be a role model for little girls and boys around the world and I want to continue to show them how hard work pays off when you are determined. I want to show underdogs like myself that your dreams are possible when you are motivated, relentless, and ambitious.

BET: How do you respond to the WWE fans who feel like you may be undeserving of being part of the WWE franchise because of how you came into the role?

Ariane: I am not superhuman, so it can be hurtful at times to hear the perception of some of the WWE fans. I believe that people can't thrive off of how I got in the business, but see how far I have come! As I stated earlier, I am hungry, relentless and ambitious. I may not be the best, but everyday I will always put in my blood, sweat and tears to be the best I can possibly be.


WWE fans know my story of Tough Enough. My size, my skin color, my lack of wrestling background, and my path into the WWE are all uncommon. Just because of these factors, doesn't mean I don't love every second of what I do. These are all things that anybody can point to and say wow despite that she still is a WWE Diva. Trust me, if you don't love this, there is no way anyone can survive in this business. WWE fans are some of the most loyal fans whether they love or hate you. I love all of my #teamgirlbye fans and embrace anyone that wants to join my journey with me. Regardless, everytime I step in the ring, my goal is to entertain them.

BET: Where do you see your career taking you within the next year?

Ariane: I love to entertain, whether it is in or outside of the ring. I would definitely want to hold the title at one point in my career. I don't think the WWE Universe has gotten to see what I can really bring to the table. I'm thriving hard to beat all the odds and I am determined to be a successful example for all the underdogs out there. Additionally, I would love to branch out to being more of a philanthropist and promoting positivity through music, acting and hosting. I am a Jill of all trades and the sky has no limits for me!


Source: BET Gospel