Daniel Bryan Says Playing Himself In WWE 2K16 Is "Creepy" And "Neat," Cesaro Talks WWE Tour, More

- As noted, Daniel Bryan is in Dubai this week to promote the release of the upcoming video game, WWE 2K16. In the video above, Bryan talks to channel MBC. Unless you speak Arabic, it's hard to understand as a translator speaks over each of Bryan's answers.

- Bryan was also interviewed by Tabloid! in Dubai and talked about how weird it was to play himself in the game.

"It's super weird... people can go play as me," Bryan said, via Gulf News. "I've been able to play as myself and it's very realistic. It moves like I move and it kicks like I kick. It does my 'YES' chant like I do my 'YES' chant. It's very surreal and a little bit creepy. But it's really neat!"

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- The Saudi Gazette has a short interview with Cesaro, who was promoting next month's WWE tour in Saudi Arabia. During the interview, Cesaro talked about returning to Riyadh.

"In Riyadh there was quite a lot of people," Cesaro said. "I do not know their exact numbers but there was a couple of thousand, or even more. Coming back to Saudi Arabia shows that there is a demand for WWE."

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