DDP On If He Was Surprised Sting Signed With WWE, User On This Site Ripping His Goals, DDP YOGA PC

I interviewed former WCW World Heavyweight Champion Diamond Dallas Page earlier this month. During the interview, which we will be published here in the coming weeks, Page talked about Sting signing with WWE and if he was surprised that he signed.

"I wasn't surprised, only because of what happened with the Network," Page admitted. "When the Warrior came back, I thought that was brilliant. Short lived, God bless him. If you can be happy for a guy who was banished on his own, and had a lot of confrontations. None of that happens without Triple H making that come together. When I saw him come back, and the programming isn't what it once was. Sting would never come back if the show went from Attitude Era to PG13. There's a lot of born-again Christians, but Sting really lives that life. If he tells you something, you count on it.

"Sting is maybe the smartest guy ever in our business. You look at all the guys on top, outside of Rock because he's in a different world, he may be one of the smartest guys. Who's had the run that he's had? He left WCW when it was over and didn't let anyone have him. He sat back with his money and waited for the right deal. He signed with TNA, got exactly what he wanted and made stupid money again. When it was the right time for him to show up in WWE, he did. Vince McMahon wanted Stinger. If you're going to own all of wrestling, you need to have Sting in there. He got to work a main event at WrestleMania. He didn't go over, who cares? He was in a main event and turned out to be a great match. It isn't what he'd be able to do ten years ago, but he's 55. The son of a b---h, he was booked so beautifully his whole career, and anytime he wasn't, he made the best of it.

"I thought it was great for the WWE, great for the Network, and Steve will be a guy you can count on. If he says he'll do something, he'll do it the right way and do it with class."

Page also talked about the DDP YOGA Performance Center, which has its grand opening this week in Atlanta.

"All of the fine tuning is coming together," Page said. "All of the main structure has been built. We're going to do a grand opening week on the 14th of September and do all of the grand opening specials that week. This place isn't really built for the workouts. It is, but it's a secondary thought. It's built as a production studio. We're the ones who did The Resurrection of Jake The Snake. I didn't farm anything out or have other editors do anything, we do it all ourselves. The movie stands on its own. It's going to be interesting.

"I said three years ago that we had a movie we hoped would get nominated for an Oscar. There was one guy on your site in particular, I can't remember his name and I'm not going to put him over anyway, saying 'what does this guy think, saying he'll be nominated for an Oscar?' It's a goal. Usually I ignore people like that. A guy like that would never understand it anyway, but to everyone else reading it, every time I've done something in my life, I set a goal. A realistic goal, and a fantasy goal. When I became a professional wrestler, I didn't even have the balls of having a fantasy goal of being the world champion. Three years in, I had that fantasy goal that was going to happen, and it did. That DDP Yoga would become a household name, and it's happening. That Jake's movie would go through this journey and he would be on his walk away from the business, and it happened. He didn't become world champion, but he got a higher award than that in being inducted into the Hall of Fame. He was banned from WWE. They weren't going to touch him, Scott Hall either.

"That was a goal that we set. Probably the loftiest goal we've ever set is that this film could be nominated for an Oscar. It really can't be unless it plays for a week in NYC and a week in LA. That's pretty much the criteria to get any Oscar nod. It has to be reviewed by New York Times and LA Times, and a few other choices. When that happens, you're in line to get the nod. When we started this product, nobody thought we were going to get more than a date here and a date there. A theater in Portland said they want it for a week. We'll be in Atlanta Jake, Scott and myself on September 21 and 22 doing two-a-days at The Landmark , and they kept it for a week. Then we were set to go to Dallas, where Jake and Scott were set to go, and AMC Theaters picked us up for a week. Then we go to Tampa, Philly, Yonkers, NYC, LA. AMC has picked us up for a week. All of a sudden, it's possible. So whoever that individual was who was such a rude asshole, there are dream stealers who want to knock you down because they can't do sh-t themselves."

To get more information about The Resurrection of Jake The Snake and screenings for the movie around the country, go to JakeTheSnakeMovie.com for dates and times. Also, you can get more information about the DDP YOGA Performance Center and its grand opening this week by visiting DDPYOGAPC.com.


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