Dean Ambrose On Why He Might Be More Interesting In A Movie Than John Cena, Roman Reigns Note, More

- Dean Ambrose spoke with Big Poppa Gary Spears of KissFM (WSKS-WKSU) to promote 12 Rounds 3. In the video above from the interview, Ambrose talked about the crazy schedule that they maintain with WWE.

- USA Today also interviewed Ambrose about the movie, which you can read here. During the interview, Ambrose talked about why he might be more interesting than John Cena in a movie.

"You expect to see John Cena in a movie, a superhero like that," Ambrose said. "Even if they're WWE fans, that might not be enough to see John Cena in a movie. But it's so different with me being the complete exact opposite of him. That might be a more interesting allure to make you want to click on iTunes and buy it."

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- As noted in May, the San Francisco 49ers will profile Roman Reigns' passion for the team in an episode of The Faithful this season. 49ers Studios Vice President and Executive Producer Robert G. Alberino Jr. spoke to about celebrities like Reigns appearing on the show.

"The best part about telling a story about somebody is when you find out who the person is and you really find out who they are as a human being," Alberino Jr. said. "I mean Jeremy Renner, who we shot in season 1, was certainly one of those guys. The Imagine Dragons are certainly those guys. Roman Reigns, without a doubt. Carlos Alazraqui, have too throw him into the mix. They are real people, and they are people that you would want to connect with, and they want to connect with fans just like them. I've kept in touch with every single one of these people who we've featured on the show and it makes you want to work harder for the people because you truly know what kind of people they truly are. Working with a celebrity is great because you realize they care about all of the things you care about. And of course, they are die-hard 49ers fans, and they are honored to be a part of it.


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