Dean Ambrose Talks His Reaction To The Shield Splitting, Favorite Partner, Solomon Crowe Reunion

Dean Ambrose took part in a Q&A session at the Pittsburgh Wizard World Comic Con this past weekend. In addition to promoting 12 Rounds 3: Lockdown, Ambrose discussed his WWE career.

With respect to the disbanding of the Shield, Ambrose said he was hesitant about it at first, but saw the value in breaking up while the faction was on top. Also, Ambrose suggested that the break up has left more for the trio to do in the future.

"When you're on a good little money train sometimes you don't want to get off of it, but also, I think, we all pretty quickly realized that it was actually probably the best time," Ambrose admitted.

While Ambrose could not say who he prefers to work with between Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns, Ambrose said that Reigns is his favorite person to tag with. Ambrose claimed that the former Shield members bring out the best in each other and have a lot of fun working together. Ambrose stated that the Shield got over with the fans due to their chemistry and work ethic.

"That's how we've had success," Ambrose continued, "just coming in every single night and outwork everybody and try to steal the show every single night and I think eventually the fans appreciated that work ethic and that's when people starting liking us in the first place."

Ambrose also noted that his favorite match that he was in was the TLC match between the Shield and Team Hell No and Ryback in 2012. That match was his first match with WWE.

"It was such a high pressure situation and it came off so good, so it was a very fond memory for me."

Aside from that match, Ambrose stated that house show matches are always his favorite.

"You have these magical moments in these live events that are never captured on film and that only live on in your memory. Those are always my favorite."

Ambrose said that his hardest match was the ladder match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship against Seth Rollins at WWE Money In The Bank. He went on to say that any match against the Wyatts or Sheamus will get extremely physical and that ladder matches are most dangerous.

"I hate ladders. I don't mind heights, but I hate getting hit with ladders and falling into ladders. Anything where there are ladders involved or inanimate, unpredictable objects or multiple people gets dangerous."

As for a Switchblade Conspiracy reunion with Solomon Crowe, Ambrose said "stranger things have happened".

"He's going to do real good," Ambrose said. "He's one of the many great talents down there [in NXT] and the cream always rises to the top and you'll see more of him."


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