Demolition Did Not See Similarities With The Road Warriors, Says They May Have Been Bigger Than Them

On episode 83 of The Ross Report, WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross spoke with 'Ax' Bill Eadie and 'Smash' Barry Darsow of Demolition. Among other things, Demolition talked about whether the team was Vince McMahon's answer for the Road Warriors.

According to Eadie, the Road Warriors were probably instrumental in the creation of Demolition; however, McMahon never shared his motivations behind putting the team together. Eadie said that he and Darsow made the most of the gimmick regardless of how it came into being.

"It never bothered us. It may have bothered Joe [Laurinaitis] and Hawk [Michael Hegstrand], but from the onset, I think that we both, and this goes back to my training and Barry [Darsow]'s training, we both wanted to do the best we possibly could do, whatever the character we looked like."

Darsow claimed that the comparison between Demolition and the Road Warriors did not occur to him until much later.

"When Vince offered me the job and I saw those pictures and everything, it never even dawned on me that we were going to be like the Road Warriors. I never even thought of that until a lot longer later, after we were done. That's when people kind of started saying that and I think it was just to cause a little controversy."

Darsow went on to say that he did not believe the gimmicks were the same and made an argument that Demolition may have been the bigger of the two teams.

"It's funny because the New York territory was so much bigger than the southern territory. I think a lot of fans liked the Demolition because we were in a bigger territory and everybody's goal was to get up there".

In addition to talking about the Road Warriors, Demolition discussed how the team came together, all time great tag teams, and many other topics. Click here to check out the podcast in its entirety.

Source: The Ross Report