Diva Taking Time Away From WWE?, Comments Training And New Project

WWE Diva Cameron recently spoke with Jim Varsallone of The Miami Herald. The full article is at this link. The article notes that Cameron is "taking time off from the rigorous WWE travel schedule" but launching her new "Wrong #" anti-bullying social media campaign. Here are some highlights from the interview:


The new campaign:

"I'm able to launch my own thing to bring awareness to this issue for people who have experienced bullying — especially with social media being so huge as that's where the biggest part of bullying is today, cyberbullying. I have a second single coming out, and it's entitled 'Wrong #.' It's my own personal campaign, talking about anti-bullying through music. It's my own sassy way of talking about it."

Giving credit to WWE's Norman Smiley and Sara Del Rey for training her:

"I didn't have much training when I was in developmental, because I got called up so early, but Norman Smiley was such a great, patient coach. He was great when I was in FCW. As far as being on the road, Sara Del Rey was always very helpful. The hard thing for me was I did it backward. Everyone usually comes up well trained and ready to go. For me, being called up so early, I was like, 'Oh my God. How am I going to do this? I barely know what I'm doing.' It's sink or swim. It's been difficult, because I'm still learning to this day. but Sara Del Rey has definitely helped along the way, and my ex-tag team partner, Naomi, helped me so much, when we were partners together, when we were just valets."


Source: The Miami Herald