Eric Bischoff Calls "B.S." On Vince Russo, WWE Fans On If Seth Rollins Is As Good As HHH, Eva Marie

- As noted, WWE will release their "Monday Night War Vol. 2: Know Your Role" DVD and Blu-ray on Tuesday. Courtesy of, this clip from the set features Eric Bischoff calling "bs!" on comments made by Vince Russo on the "Monday Night War" WWE Network series. Bischoff also noted that while some of his stuff was bad, Russo made him look like Steven Spielberg with all the "stupid stuff" that he did.


- WWE's website has a new poll asking fans if Seth Rollins is as good as Triple H was in his prime. With almost 1000 votes, 80% have voted, "No, he still has miles to go before he can be compared to Triple H." The rest voted, "Yes, Rollins has proven he is on The Game's legendary level." There is no option for Rollins being better than Triple H.

- Video director Fred Oliveira of Grey Wolf Visuals is now filming some sort of project with Eva Marie and her husband Jonathan. He posted this teaser on Twitter: