Well, that's it. Floyd Mayweather is finished with boxing at 49-0, according to the man himself.

Mayweather dominated 12 rounds against the heavily criticized opponent of Andre Berto Saturday night. Despite the one-sided affair, it was more entertaining than most Mayweather bouts of late. Either way, Mayweather won, and it wasn't close.

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Floyd emerged victorious in typical Mayweather fashion, with beautiful defense, excellent counters and his insane ability to slip punches. The big news came after the fight, however, as Mayweather confirmed that he was done with boxing and planned to move on.

Mayweather was less than humble in leaving boxing, saying he wanted to do it while he had all of his faculties, but still made sure to say he was the best ever.

"I don't want to rank myself. But I'm the best at boxing,' Mayweather said. "I'm still sharp, I'm still smart. There's nothing left to accomplish in this sport. Money don't make me, I make money. It doesn't matter if I hurt my left or my right hand. My career is over. It's official."

Mayweather thanked all of the fans in attendance, and that tuned in before calling it a night, and apparently ending his career.