Floyd Mayweather Does Poorly On PPV, Ronda Rousey Manhandles Guy On "Ellen," Frank Mir Wants Rematch

- UFC Women's Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey had a major media appearance this week, as she appeared on Ellen. During the show, host Ellen Degeneres had Rousey demonstrate a couple of judo throws, as well as Rousey's signature armbar. You can see a video of the segment above.

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- According to Dan Rafael of ESPN, Floyd Mayweather's 'final fight' on PPV against Andre Berto seems to be under-performing. Rafael noted that the 550k buys that it looks to have done doesn't cover main event purses of $36 million.

- Former UFC Heavyweight Champion Frank Mir appeared on Chael Sonnen's podcast and said that his corner was surprised about the decision at UFC 191. Mir said that he wants a re-match with Arlovki to right the situation.

"Right now, the only logical conclusion I can draw is to push for a rematch," said Mir (props to MMAFighting.com for the transcription). "I know this has had to have put a hold on Arlovski's forward momentum. It's put a hold on mine so I think the only way to really help each other out is that we fight again so we can have a much more conclusive victor. He got the decision but I think the majority of people think I won the fight. Neither one of us is really moving forward."

It's worth noting that 80 percent of media scores and 69.6% of fan scores on MMADecisions.com scored the bout for Andrei Arlovski.


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