Former TNA Star Reportedly Kicks Fan At Indie Event Over Social Media Posts

- Former TNA star Gunner was involved in a fan incident at a PWX indie event on September 6th in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that a Carolina indie fan named Adrian Rohr, who attends many events, had apparently written negative things on social media about Gunner and Gunner wasn't happy about them. Fans were also chanting "Dixie's reject" at Gunner, reportedly leading to him kicking Rohr in the chest, in front of his young son. PWX has no barriers at ringside.

Most of the wrestlers reportedly took Gunner's side, which they will often do even if the other wrestler is wrong, but others who were working the event noted to The Observer that the assault was unprovoked. Rohr is said to be a very respectful fan, "who is not a nut in any way."

Gunner reportedly wrote the following online after the match but apparently it's been deleted:

"And for the record, don't be an idiot fan and step up to my ring. You will get kicked."

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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