Gail Kim Talks WWE Divas Revolution And Needing Storylines, Sasha Banks, How TNA Pushes Women, More

Scott Fishman recently interviewed TNA Knockout for Channel Guide Mag. During the interview, she discussed WWE's Divas Revolution.

"I made a comment on Twitter that we've been doing it all along, but that was not to bash any other company at all," Kim said. "I think it's great what they're doing. I've been waiting for them to do that for years now. I think it's great. I think they have a really great group of talent, especially the girls that have come up through NXT. I wish Nattie was a part of it because I don't see how see she can't fit into the equation. She should have been in there from day one. They just have a really good core group of girls. I really like Sasha [Banks]. I know she is a fan favorite.

"I just love what they've been doing. It's so funny I saw a match I thought, 'That's so like TNA knockouts style.' They are bringing it to another level, and I love it. I the saw Sasha and Bayley match. I just loved the psychology and the crowd was into ii. It was great. Now I just feel they are doing it on the main stage. I think they really need storylines and characters. They can do what we're doing. TNA is very good about pushing individual girls and letting them stand alone and develop their characters and stories that way. I think fans can connect on a deeper level. Just throwing three girls against three girls out there, it's great they are giving them more time. Now they need to give them the storylines and so forth."

Kim also discussed trying not to get scale, TNA signing Jade and Martini, her marriage to Robert Irvine, sex appeal and more. You can read the full interview by clicking here.

Source: Channel Guide Mag


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