Jake "The Snake" Roberts Rips Using A Sledgehammer In Match, Talks Helping Steve Austin

'Stone Cold' Steve Austin recently sat down with Jake 'the Snake' Roberts for an episode of The Steve Austin Show - Unleashed! During the interview, Austin said that he owes Roberts for the birth of Austin 3:16 and Roberts talked about the art of cheating in professional wrestling.

According to Austin, he owes Roberts for the 1996 King of the Ring promo that catapulted his career. Austin, who left the arena that night to get stitches following his match against Marc Mero, was told by Michael P.S. Hayes that Roberts cut a religious promo while Austin was at the hospital.

"If I had not been wrestling you in that final match at King of the Ring, and P.S. Hayes had not told me what you said, and you had not have said that, Austin 3:16 would never have been born and 'because 'Stone Cold' said so' would never have been born either, so I basically owe my whole WWE run to you."

In response, Roberts told Austin that he does not owe him for that, but for standing up for him at the office. Roberts claimed that WWE brass believed Austin's ceiling was that of third or fourth match level talent, but that Roberts would always tell them that Austin could get over "old school style" by wrestling if he was given the opportunity.

"If you owe me for anything, you owe me for sticking up for you to the fu-king office." Roberts continued, "when they gave me the opportunity to get with you and work with you, I was like, 'man, that son of a bi-ch is going to get over even if I have to pull my d--n teeth out!' because I respected what you were doing out there."

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Roberts went on to talk about some of his pet peeves with respect to heel psychology.

"Watching six guys beat up one guy is not heat. That's just disgusting bullsh-t. Where are the other babyfaces at? There's no heat when it's just like that."

Also, Roberts suggested that the use of a sledgehammer on an opponent is poor heel psychology.

"There's no heat when you hit a guy with a damn sledgehammer. Number one, both of you have killed your damn characters. The son of a bi-ch gets up, if the son of a bi-ch can get up from a sledgehammer, folks, I can't fight him. Goddamn, you've just killed your character. You just told the whole world you're a phony son of a bi-ch."

In addition to these topics, Roberts talked about working with Dynamite Kid, the first time he bladed, and many other things. Click here to check out the entire podcast.

Source: The Steve Austin Show - Unleashed!


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