Jake "The Snake" Roberts Talks Cussing Out Andre The Giant, Blading To Cover Up Cheating On His Wife

On The Steve Austin Show - Unleashed!, 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin recently interviewed Jake 'the Snake' Roberts. During the podcast, Roberts discussed working with Dynamite Kid, blading for the first time, and how he earned Andre the Giant's respect.

Roberts said that Dynamite Kid should have been more than he was in the business of professional wrestling, but he was already pretty beaten up before he even made it to WWE. According to Roberts, Dynamite Kid was an "unbelievable talent"; however, he was very intimidating to work with.

"I think one night we were in Edmonton, Alberta, and he had me down there [on the mat] working the arm and he says, 'don't f--kingg move, okay?' And he let go of my arm, walked down to the audience five rows back, and just paintbrushed some son of a b---h like crazy, walked back to the ring, and I still got my arm stuck in the air." Roberts added, "I was scared to move!"

Roberts said the two overcame their size differential in the ring, with Roberts being the larger heel, due to Dynamite Kid's tenacity and attitude.

"The son of a b---h wrestled! He wrestled. It was his attitude. It's not about your size. It's about perception! He went behind me and he took my ass down! He grabbed the arm! He wrestled! He was a damn terror! He was a damn wolverine on your ass!"

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Roberts claimed that the first time he bladed was to cover up cheating on his wife. To explain why he was returning home so late after work, he told her that he was jumped.

"I decided I was going to gig myself and tell my old lady [that] coming out of the arena, somebody hit me with something. I'll get out of this s--t, so I stopped at a K&B drugstore and got Platinum Plus [razorblades], which was the wrong s--t, big old thick ass blade, and cut myself. I didn't do it the right way. I went side to side and really overdid it."

While Roberts was able to fool his wife, he was not able to fool Dusty Rhodes.

"f--king Dusty called me out on it. I said, 'yeah, these f--king guys last night, man, I went to a bar and they f--king hit me with a goddamn bottle. He said, 'damn, that looks like f--king stainless steel Platinum Plus to me.' Yep, he f--king knew."

With respect to working with Andre the Giant, Roberts stated that the first time he worked with Andre the Giant was one of the most horrific nights of his life.

"He didn't sell a goddamn thing I was doing and he just guzzled me. [He] ate me. [He] ate me to the point, I must have been high, because I called him out."

After cussing out Andre the Giant and telling him that he would not work with him if he ever did that again, Roberts gained Andre the Giant's respect.

"He wanted to see if I had balls. He was funny like that, you know? He wanted to be in there with a man, somebody that respected him, respected what he did, and respected himself."

In addition to these topics, Roberts talked about how he created the DDT, how he got 'the Snake' as a nickname, and many other things. To check out the rest of the podcast, click here.

Source: The Steve Austin Show - Unleashed!


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