Jamie Dundee Talks Vince McMahon Being "Broke," Racism In Wrestling, Working For Jerry Lawler, More

Jamie Dundee was interviewed by John and Chad of The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast. During the interview, Jamie talked about NXT, the Hulk Hogan racism allegations and his thoughts on Vince McMahon. You can download and listen to the full interview by clicking here, they sent us the highlights below:

Getting back in the ring:

"It's one of those things where I don't give a f*ck I guess that's what all wrestlers do. We either die in a hotel by OD'ing but I quit getting high and doing cocaine about seven years ago, so I guess we just die in the ring. I've looked in the paper every f*cking Sunday and not one ad says "WANTED" used washed-up wrestler, nowhere does it say that. If that was the case there would be a lot of guys like Ric Flair and Razor Ramon they would all have jobs still, but not one ad in the paper says washed-up, used-up, has-been wrestler. So I guess I've got to go do what I know, I f*cking hate it, I hate the wrestling business today, I hate getting in the car, I hate the driving part so I have to drink a lot of beer and go wrestle. I just can't stand it."

The current state of the wrestling business:

"I ain't never watched wrestling unless I'm on the tape. If I'm not on the show I ain't got to f*cking watch it. Once I see me, I think I'm the best, I love me, I think I'm the f*cking greatest so once I see me I don't want to watch anybody else. I guess that's because of growing up in the wrestling business. I bet Dale Earnhardt Jr. doesn't watch Nascar. But today it's not the wrestling kids fault, they just want to f*cking wrestle. Vince McMahon has taken it to a place where I heard he went to bed a billionaire and woke up a millionaire. When you lose three-hundred million in a 24 hour period if he does that two more times he's broke."

Did he see wrestling evolving to what we see now:

"It's like anything the f*cking mafia, magic, wrestling, the circus. Once you let the outside world in you've f*cking killed it. I knew David Copperfield didn't make the Statue of Liberty disappear but I didn't want to know how he did it because I saw it disappear and I loved it and I didn't care how he did it. Same with wrestling, if the people can f*cking turn the TV on and call the match then obviously why would you pay to see it. It's like everyone knew wrestling was a work but they didn't know how. Once you let the outside world in and by making a show called Tough Enough or by doing other things that Vince McMahon did. But he doesn't give a f*ck about what I'm saying driving to Tullehoma, Tennessee because he's got a billion dollars in the bank. The wrestlers, there are hundreds of guys that can't get a job because they are wrestlers and coming from the old school they knew if there character wouldn't do certain things so Vince McMahon said f*ck you, I'll make somebody that can do that. It's not the wrestling guys fault."

Is all the responsibility aimed at Vince McMahon:

"I've always said he's has a video game with real people. He's killed them, he's discarded them, he's OD'ed them. He's done everything you do in video games. Grand Theft Auto is no different than Vince McMahon playing with real people."

Recent controversies involving "racism" and "racist" comments surrounding pro wrestling:

"There is not a mother f*cker on this planet that can tell me that a white person on this planet has never used the 'n' word or a black woman who has never said 'honky-ass', 'cracker-ass-b---h' not anyone ever can say they've never said that because they are full of sh*t. Whether it's behind closed doors, by themselves, during sex whatever it may be. I saw some chick from WWE just got fired because she had a My Little Pony with a swastika on it, and it's Seth Rollin's old lady. If you are going to f*cking fire her over a picture that was from three years ago on a Facebook page then they need to fire the whole f*cking crew, the camera crew and Vince McMahon needs to fire himself. There isn't a mother f*cker on this planet that has done sh*t like that never thinking of consequences in the future."

Did he get into the wrestling business simply following in his father Bill Dundee's footsteps:

"No, never. A wrestler doesn't want to wrestle and as a second generation wrestler I hated wrestling. I liked wrestling when I would go to wrestling, I liked that people would touch me and tell me how great I was and since I was eight years old I would sell kisses to fat chicks for $1. I knew how to "manipulize" and it's hard to separate the fantasy world from the real world and that's what happens to the wrestlers who OD in hotel rooms. Everybody wants that one more shot. My brother-in-law played a video for me of Michael Hayes singing to Terry Gordy's grave and it's great but everybody wants to go back and everyone would love to go back to the greatest time in their life but we can't."

Living the lifestyle of a wrestler from a very young age.

"It's a different world we live in today. My father was raised by a man who was born in 1891 or some sh*t and my Dad was born in 1943 and he went from Scotland to Australia when he was 13 years old so he was/is a tough task-master type of a f*cking guy. So I didn't like the guy and we didn't get along but I was a wild child and of course I would be. I'm around people that are telling me how great I am and sending me money and drugs. When I was 4 years old my Dad and Tommy Rich got me drunk and pierced my ear, so in 1975 when I went to Kindergarten my teachers said I can't wear that earing, well why not? My Daddy put it there. You've got to understand that I lived in Hendersonville, Tennessee and our neighbors were Conway Twitty, The Oakridge Boys and Johnny Cash so in that world we were the outsiders. We had motorcycles and pit-bulls but my old man made more money a week then they did."

Working for Jerry Lawler and Jerry Jarrett:

"Lawler paid good and Jarrett kept all the f*cking money. The reason being is I guess because Jerry had to pay for Jeff and Jennifer and Jason and Lawler was one of the boys so he knew how to take care of the guys. But Lawler was also anti-drug and everything you did seemed like it was never right for Jerry Lawler. Now the wrestling part and the angles that drew money, he definitely would give you your props but as far as anything else it seemed like every time I would see him he would be mocking you."

Does he have a favorite memory of Lawler vs. Dundee:

"Yeah of course I remember waking up and my Dad was bald and when I woke up my Mom was bald and I thought well f*ck me and my sister were next in line. What are you all doing bald? In their credit it was 1979 and they paid my mom ten or fifth-teen grand and a house back then cost about eight grand so two f*cking houses? No b*tch on this planet wouldn't shave their head right now."


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