Jay Lethal Addresses Rumors That WWE Is Interested In Signing Him

ROH World and TV Champion Jay Lethal spoke to Channel Guide Magazine to promote this Friday's All-Star Extravaganza PPV.

With rumors that WWE ripped off ROH's current double champion storyline, rumors have also emerged that WWE is possibly interested in Ring of Honor's top dog in Lethal. Lethal addressed the speculation, saying that he'd be honored.

"I'll say also if that is true, I'm honored. To be wanted in professional wrestling, that's all a wrestler can really ask for. Just to be wanted, it's a great feeling. So if that's true, I'm honored. I haven't heard anything about that myself. Would you work for WWE? I've answered this question before. To me the answer is still the same," Lethal said.

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Lethal competed for the likes of TNA for several years, where he earned a signature pinfall victory over Kurt Angle for the X-Division title. Still, Lethal says that the WWE influenced him heavily, and didn't rule out working with them.

"When I became a fan, it was because I watched the WWF as a fan growing up," said Lethal. It helped create this love growing up that I have for professional wrestling, much like everyone from my era. All the guys I've wrestled today. To say it wouldn't be cool to work with or for the company that helped create my love for professional wrestling, I would say that I was lying. So given the chance and if the timing was right, sure I would definitely work for or with them. I got to say by the same token, I'm on cloud 9 right now. I'm undisputed champion of a company that's known around the world. Not for its storylines, music or entrance. I'm the world champion of a company known around the world for its wrestling. What an honor to get to say that."

Wrestling Inc will have full, live coverage of Ring of Honor All-Star Extravaganza VII this Friday Night.


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