– Highspots is releasing a new DVD documentary film, The Young Bucks Too Sweet Journey, directed by James Franck. You can check out the trailer in the video above. In the film, Franck follows the Bucks to New York for their match against The Hardy Boys. This documentary explores how personally important this match is to Nick and Matt because The Hardy Boys were the tag team that inspired them to be who they are today. Also, in this piece you will get to see the less than glamorous side of independent pro wrestling and how deeply committed Nick and Matt are to their family and their craft. You can order it by clicking here.

– Above is a sneak preview for a Rip Rogers shoot interview hosted by Jim Cornette. Please note that it creates a lot of strong language. It’s available now on DVD at rfvideo.com or by calling (215) 891-9404 to order!

– Speaking of Cornette and the Bucks, we noted that Cornette ripped the Bucks for selling for a child at an IWL show last month. Joey Ryan came to the Bucks’ defense, which led to this Twitter exchange: