Jim Ross Blogs About Sting And Undertaker's Final Match, Jimmy Snuka And Hulk Hogan, Lana, More

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross posted his latest blog over at his official website. You can see highlights below, or the full article at this link.

Sting & Undertaker's last matches:

"From what I can determine, Wrestlemania Texas will NOT be the Undertaker's final match but the jury is still out on whether it will be Sting's last one. No, I don't see them having a match vs each other there either. Plus, I don't see how WWE gets all the way to April for the Taker vs. Lesnar 'rubber match' if that's in the cards."

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Lana's wrist injury:

"Apparently Lana will be out of commission as it relates to physicality for approximately four months with a wrist injury. Perhaps this will give her time to get her back in those business suits and not what she's been wearing lately. We wish her a speedy recovery."

Jimmy Snuka/Hulk Hogan incident comparisons:

"Amazing that some people want me to compare Hulk's untimely remarks to the 3rd degree murder charges filed against Jimmy Snuka. How do I do that? What sense does that question even make? What am I missing? How can they possibly be in the same ball park."


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