Jim Ross Blogs On Divas Title Match Finish, Compares Charlotte To Kurt Angle, Talks New Day, More

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has posted a new blog over at his website. You can check out the highlights below, or the full entry at this link.

Divas title match finish on Raw:

"Had no issue with villain Nikki cheating to retain her title and creating another opportunity to have another title bout in Houston Sunday against a motivated Charlotte. I only hope that Charlotte will never be earmarked to be a umpteen time champion which is one of the more overrated stats in pro wrestling. WWE is blessed with some amazing female talent and if they are not booked liked females have traditionally been more often than not in the biz in the past, they have something special to work with that will be new and fresh."

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Who Charlotte reminds him of:

"Charlotte is amazingly athletic and a special talent and she reminds me of a female Kurt Angle."

New Day:

"New Day is a damn entertaining trio and they are going to have to work hard nightly to be perceived as antagonists. Will they consistently accomplish such are are they bound to be in the some what impotent role as 'tweeners?' Nonetheless I am a fan of all three men and am proud of each."

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