Jim Ross On The Undertaker Retiring, Seth Rollins' Booking, Chris Jericho At Night Of Champions

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross updated the Q&A section of his official website this week. You can check out a few highlights below.

WWE offering talents medical care:

"WWE offers the best medical care for their performers in the world and I'd assume that would also include counseling if needed as well. No other company remotely comes close to caring or their talents as WWE does."

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If Undertaker is hinting at retirement:

"I could see Taker working a part time schedule similar to Lesnar's until his health won't permit it but it seems as if the Deadman is in great shape at this time."

Rollins' moves and his booking:

"Rollins is using today's hot moves or trends that many fans seem to like which will help him when he turns 'face. How's he's booked is subjective to say the very least. What's right and what's wrong in the fictional world of pro wrestling is totally up to the viewer. Your opinion is just as valid as mine."

Booking of Chris Jericho at Night of Champions:

"I like Jericho's booking and think that he can help make Reigns better. Sting did great especially at 56 years of age and I was proud of him."

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Source: JR's BBQ


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