Jimmy Snuka Suffering From Dementia, May Not Be Able To Stand Trial According To Lawyer

In an interesting development, William E. Moore, the attorney representing Jimmy Snuka, told the Allentown Morning Call that he sees the likelihood of Snuka being able to stand trial as doubtful. According to Moore, Snuka:


* Was wheelchair-bound and hooked up to a feeding tube when he surrendered into custody yesterday. ("He is not in good shape physically or mentally," said Snuka's attorney. I'm not sure he realized what was going on. I'm not sure what his cognitive abilities are. [?] "I don't see it ever getting better.")

* Is suffering from partial dementia stemming from numerous concussions. ("He's had head injuries, just like football players have had head injuries. He's suffered a number of concussions with all the antics he's done.")

* Has limited recall/long-term memory. ("His faculties are so compromised you wouldn't know what he's saying. "He doesn't understand a simple conversation. You put him up against a sharp prosecutor asking, 'Remember 30 years ago when you said this ...,' he has no recollection.")


* Would not have been able to write a book (it was ghostwritten), though it should be noted he was still relatively coherent when it was released two years ago. ("He said he wrote a book. That's kind of comical,") With how the production schedule can go on that type of book, it's likely the author interviewed him closer to four years ago.

* Was bailed out by his first wife, Sharon Georgi. She had testified to the grand jury about Snuka beating her during their marriage.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for September 21st, but that may be delayed because Moore is unable to represent Snuka at trial due to a prior commitment.

Source: Allentown Morning Call