John Cena On Winning The WWE US Title, Roman Reigns And Dean Ambrose On The Wyatts, Chris Jericho

- As seen at WWE Night of Champions, Chris Jericho was the mystery partner for Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose against The Wyatt Family but ended up costing them the match, and had issues with both men. In this Fallout video, Tom Phillips tries to get a word from Jericho but has no luck.


- Reigns and Ambrose react to the loss in this Fallout video. Ambrose mentions that bringing in Jericho was his call. Reigns says they're not finished with The Wyatt Family.

- This Night of Champions Fallout video features new WWE United States Champion John Cena reacting to his big win. Cena tells Phillips that Seth Rollins is one of the most respectful and feared competitors in the ring, and is as good as anyone when the bell rings. He says they had a hard fought battle but that's what the United States Title is supposed to be about. Cena says his hard work just getting started and he's looking forward to RAW tomorrow.