Justin Roberts Talks WWE Employees Getting Heat For Taking Vacations, His WWE Departure, More

Recently, WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross interviewed former WWE ring announcer Justin Roberts on the Ross Report podcast. During the show, Roberts talked about his departure from WWE and mentioned that WWE employees would get heat from the office for taking vacations.

With respect to parting ways with WWE, Roberts said the company made the decision not to renew his contract. While Roberts claimed that he was told that the company decided to go in a different direction and that the door is always open for his return, he believes there were other reasons that his contract was not renewed.

"Could it just be going in a different direction? Maybe, but there are a lot of little things in my head that I think added to that," Roberts added, "there's no easy answer."

Roberts stated that he took only three vacations in twelve years with WWE and that WWE employees get heat for taking vacations.

"The mentality is you can't take time off and you have to keep going because if you do, you're going to get heat and they're going to put someone else in your place. And when you finally do take a vacation, it's not like, 'oh, enjoy yourself! You really earned a break!'. They kind of don't acknowledge it and you come back in and probably end up getting ribbed for taking time off."

In addition to these topics, Roberts talked about his WCW fandom and how he got started in WWE, among other things. To listen to the whole show, click here.

Source: The Ross Report


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