King Barrett On The Goal For His New WWE Studios Movie, Doing Stunt Work And Fight Scenes

- King Barrett recently spoke with The Sun in the UK to talk about WWE Studios' Eliminators, which he just wrapped filming on. The full interview is at this link. Below are highlights:

Doing stunts and filming with MMA fighter Scott Adkins:

"You'll see my face right the way through the stunts and the fight scenes. They were 100% done by me. I actually took a kick from Scott, he's kind of a ninja. He does some incredible jiu jitsu and Taekwondo kicks. I'm a meat and potatoes puncher and wrestler and he does all these spinning, crazy kicks. He caught me with one and I literally couldn't breathe for fifteen seconds afterwards! We're definitely knocking lumps out of each other in the movie."

The goal for this new movie:

"This is a big step up for me. I did a movie in 2012 with WWE Studios where I played a fairly small part as a bodyguard to the bad guy. This time I'm the main bad guy in the film chasing down the good guy. Our aim at the start of this movie was to make it the best WWE Studios film of all time and I think we're well on the way to doing that."

Barrett also talks about acting vs. wrestling in the interview.

Source: The Sun