Lucha Underground Budget Cuts For Second Season, Update On Filming, More Backstage News

- As noted, Lucha Underground will return for a second season on the El Rey Network in early 2016. They will be back at The Temple in Los Angeles for filming. Production is expected to start back up in December with pre-production being done some time before December as some characters will be brought in for promo work and vignettes.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter notes that the budget for each Lucha Underground episode will be decreased from last season's $400,000 per episode but the changes made due to the budget cut won't be noticeable. There was some talk of moving the tapings to either Texas or Mexico due to costs but they're staying in Los Angeles. It was also said that they will not be taping as many episodes for this season as they did for the first season, which had 39.

There have been rumors of a Lucha Underground TV deal being worked out in Mexico as officials had been in talks with Telavisa Channel 5. If they were to come to a deal, that would give Lucha Underground financial assistance for this season plus they would have a lot more exposure in Mexico than WWE, AAA or CMLL.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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