MMA Fighter Thinks CM Punk Would "Whoop" Conor McGregor Teammate In One Round

Former WWE Champion CM Punk has been out of the spotlight for most of the summer, as he continues to train towards his eventual UFC debut.

Punk, who is being followed by a film crew, has had a war of words with welterweight prospect Cathal Pendred, who is a teammate of UFC Superstar Conor McGregor. Despite the massive experience advantage of Pendred, Punk's teammate Belal Muhammad doesn't think Pendred would have an easy go of it.

"Dude is a beast," Muhammad said on the MMA Roasted podcast (props to Bleacher Report for the transcript). "Everybody is talking all this trash about him, like Cathal Pendred saying he wants to be his first fight, but I think CM Punk would whoop him within the first round. I guarantee it. He would knock him out. Dude is legit. People are always talking trash, but they are going to see. He's in the gym day in and day out doing like three practices a day."

Punk doesn't have a fight scheduled as of now, and has said he plans on taking his time before scheduling one. Punk stated he'd like to have a full year of training under his belt before hopping into the Octagon.

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Pendred and Punk went at it hard on Twitter, with Pendred criticizing training videos, and Punk biting back by saying he's already been paid more by the UFC than Pendred has his entire career. Pendred had said that Punk's training videos made his own look like "Muhammad Ali." Punk responded by posting unflattering videos of Pendred inside the cage, and telling Pendred that "Ali wasn't a boring tw-t." The battle continued, with Punk ridiculing Pendred for being boring, and Pendred calling out CM Punk for 'playing fighter.'

L.O.S. The Butcher contributed to this article.


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