More On Destination America Dropping TNA, Jeff Jarrett On TNA's Best Years, Dixie Carter - Jarrett

TNA President Dixie Carter tweeted the following after Team TNA defeated Team GFW on Impact Wrestling earlier this week:

"Victory feels good. #TNA has a bright future ahead without @RealJeffJarrett in it."


As noted, that comment is kind of a shoot, as Sports Illustrated noted in their article earlier this week about Destination America dropping TNA at the end of the year that as part of the deal for Jarrett's return (where he could promote Global Force Wrestling), Jarrett relinquished his shares of the company. Jarrett also made some interesting comments to Sports Illustrated about TNA's best years.

"The fact of the matter is TNA had its most successful years when I was at the helm," said Jarrett. "It's just that simple."

As noted, the Sports Illustrated article also contained Carter's first comments confirming that Destination America is dropping TNA.

"The biggest challenge for us is building a brand in the U.S.," said Carter. "That's where we need to grow. We're contracted to Destination America through the end of the year, and we are in discussions going on for 2016."


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While Carter said that they are contracted to Destination America through the end of the year, it was noted elsewhere in the story that TNA "does not currently have a television provider in the United States as of February 2016."

Dave Meltzer noted in the latest issue of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter that one of the reasons why there has been no public announcement may be because there has been talk of TNA staying on the station at a lower price or at no cost at all, similar to the ROH deal with Destination America.

As of this writing, there are no TNA television tapings scheduled for the rest of the year. At their last television tapings in July, they taped a lot of matches with no angles, and Meltzer noted that those may be used for the remaining shows on Destination America while the company tries to get another T.V. deal. The company will also continue to produce weekly shows for their overseas markets, likely using those matches.