New Japan Pro Wrestling On AXS (9/18): Bullet Club Member Debuts, Alex Shelley, Jushin Liger, More

Welcome to Wrestling Inc's coverage of NJPW on AXS. This week's episode is a junior heavyweight edition, featuring three championship matches from November 2014.

- We see highlights of ReDragon vs. TimeSplitters for the IWGP Jr Heavyweight tag titles. Kushida and O'Reilly have an awesome grappling exchange as they always do, but Shelley gets tagged in and it turns into a striking battle. TimeSplitters take out ReDRagon with double team moves, and the action goes outside, where O'Reilly accidentally kicks Fish. ReDRagon manage to fight back and isolate Shelley, working his arm over.

Shelley manages to move out of the way of a big double dive from ReDRagon and tags in KUSHIDA, who does the hot tag domination. He kicks O'Reilly repeatedly before taking Kyle out with a beautiful handspring elbow, then does a flip to the outside of the ring onto everyone. The match moves ahead to see O'Reilly hit a head kick and a brain buster for two, then locks on an armbar. Shelley breaks it up with a double foot stomp. Fish drills KUSHIDA with the super Falcon Arrow, and ReDRagon win with Chasing the Dragon.

The Young Bucks and Forever Hooligans hit the ring, and all the teams are cursing each other out.

- Highlights of Ryusuke Taguchi vs. Taichi are next. Taichi gets a cheap shot, as El Desperado and Taka Michinoku attack Taguchi outside. Taguchi fights back despite having his leg attacked with a chair, and ends up eating a piledriver through a table at ringside. Not sure how the match kept going after that. Taguchi ends up winning, overcoming three wrestlers, a chair and a table.

Bullet Club comes out afterwards and harasses Taguchi. Karl Anderson comes to the ring, and introduces international sensation Kenny Omega as the newest member of Bullet Club. He says all he wants is the Japanese crowd's money and Taguchi's title.

NWA Jr Heavyweight Championship
Chase Owens (c) (w/ Bruce Tharpe) vs. Jushin Thunder Liger

This one is a full match. Liger applies a surfboard, then a modified Indian deathlock. The two end up outside, where Liger hits a somersault senton off the apron. Owens tries to shake Liger's hand, but ends up cheap shotting him instead as we go to our final commercial break of the show.

We come back to see Chase Owens in control with a cravate, throwing several knees while the hold is applied. He finishes the hold with a somersault neckbreaker, but misses a Lionsault. Liger uses this miscue to capitalize with a palm strike and a Frankensteiner, but only gets two when he doesn't hook the leg.

Liger goes up top and flies right into the knees of Owens. Liger still hits a rolling kick, but gets suplexed by Owens. Owens follows up with a series of backbreakers, but Liger hits a couple of brainbusters for the win.

Winner: Jushin Thunder Liger via pinfall (brainbuster) to win the NWA Jr Heavyweight Championship


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