NJPW On AXS Recap (9/4): Okada, Shinsuke Nakamura, Shibata In Action, Taka Michinoku Appears, More

Welcome to Wrestling Inc's coverage of New Japan Pro Wrestling on AXS. Tonight's matches are from October, 13, 2014 from Sumo Hall in Tokyo.

- We see clips of Ryusuke Taguchi vs. El Desperado, which starts off with Desperado cheap shotting Taguchi, and literally kicking Taguchi's ass. Taguchi then drives his ass into Desperado's face several times. The two go back and forth in a really fun match. Taguchi beats Desperado via submission with an ankle lock. After the match, Taka Michinoku and Taichi attack Taguchi and take the IWGP Jr Heavyweight title.


- Next up is a match between CHAOS members YOSHI-HASHI and Shinsuke Nakamura taking on Katsuyori Shibata & Hirooki Goto. Nakamura and Shibata trade huge forearms for a full minute. Goto also lands a big time clothesline, and Shibata eventually pins YOSHI-HASHI after a PK. Nakamura and Shibata get face to face after the match.

Okada vs. Testuya Naito

Okada controls the early going of the match, until Tetsuya Naito sends Okada outside. Okada took a pretty nasty spill there. Josh Barnett's work on color commentary can't be undersold, as he makes a head scissors truly seem like it's going to finish a match. Naito hits a rope hung neckbreaker, and Okada looks like he's in a really bad way early on. Naito works over Okada's head, which he hurt on the fall to ringside.


Despite being attacked for several minutes, Okada comes back with a flapjack, dropkick and a big boot over the guard rail. Naito ends up hitting a big tornado DDT, but he can't capitalize on it. He follows up with a uranage on Okada that gets two, then hits Gloria, but misses the Stardust Press. Okada walks right into a rolling kick and a dragon suplex, but he kicks out at the very last moment.

Okada gets up and dropkicks Naito in the back, which leaves both men reeling. Okada spikes Naito with a Tombstone and hits him with a German suplex and a Rainmaker for the win.

Winner: Okada via pinfall (Rainmaker)

Naito said the crowd kept him going in that match. Okada said that he'll excuse his performance in this match due to the injuries.