Okada Explains Why He'll Never Go To The WWE, Says TNA Wouldn't Let Him Wrestle

NJPW star Okada has long been linked to rumors of a possible WWE deal. Despite this, Okada, who formerly appeared in TNA, has been steadfast in his allegiance to New Japan Pro Wrestling. The move has paid off, as he looks to be the biggest star in the company for the next decade or so.

Okada isn't oblivious to the rumors, and spoke to Rolling Stone recently about why he hasn't shown any interest in joining the world's biggest wrestling promotion.

"I like doing the shows with Ring of Honor, but I don't want to leave Japan. I'm not interested in WWE at all. Many people ask me about WWE, and if I'd go to WWE in the future. They ask me if I'm going now. I will not go. I want to make New Japan Pro-Wrestling bigger. That's my future," Okada said.

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Okada noted the New Japan/Ring of Honor relationship, which has blossomed this year. The two agreed to promote joint shows in both the United States and Japan for 2016, and the relationship has already seen Okada make several trips to America to perform. He sees this as a stark contrast to his time in TNA, where he says they limited him.

"I didn't get to wrestle at all in TNA. I wanted to wrestle, and they wouldn't let me. Here, I can wrestle against great wrestlers," Okada explained.

You can see Okada's full interview at this link.

Source: Rolling Stone


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