Paige Drops Live "F-Bomb", The Rock Making Announcements, Identity Of Bray Wyatt RAW Victim

- Paige is currently doing a quick live Q&A on Facebook and another female backstage at tonight's WWE tapings called her a "b---h" off-camera, not knowing Paige was broadcasting live. Paige then dropped a "f-bomb" and asked referee Scott Armstrong if she can say that word, putting him on camera. Armstrong told her she cannot use that language and then spoke into the camera, saying "f-bombs" aren't allowed. Paige also said they don't let her on "these things" because she curses too much and "talks about my boobs."

- The WWE production worker who Bray Wyatt tossed into Roman Reigns during last night's WWE RAW was indie veteran Anthony Nese.

- The Rock posted the following on Instagram today, teasing new announcements for this week:


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