Paige Talks Advice From The Rock, What She Think Of Eva Marie's Push, Her Inspirations, More

Paige recently took part in a Q&A session at the Wizard World Comic Con in San Jose, CA. In addition to discussing her success in WWE and important advice she received from the Rock, Paige talked about Eva Marie's push.

According to Paige, she did not expect her success to happen so quickly.

"I have been wrestling for 10 years, but with WWE, I've only been in the company for nearly four years. I've been on the road officially for a year and a half. That's it. So to become a two-time Divas Champion, a double champion, the youngest Divas Champion, and have all these opportunities that come with it, it blows my mind."

Paige claimed that the Rock advised her to stay humble and hungry.

"You want to stay humble because a lot of people, if they don't like you, they won't want to work with you. You always want to be easy to work with. And then, hungry, because you always want to be passionate and set as many goals as you possibly can and always be willing to learn and grow."

When asked who inspired her to become a professional wrestler, Paige, who is from a family of wrestlers named her family, Alundra Blayze, Bull Nakano, Lita, and AJ Lee .

With respect to Eva Marie's push, Paige said she does not think anything of it.

"It's not really a push. Come on now. If it's a push, I don't see it. It's a nudge, honestly. I'm just kidding. No, she's really sweet. Anyway, moving on."


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