Ric Flair Talks Triple H Leaving WCW, Randy Savage Wanting To Squash Him On The Way Out

As noted, Ric Flair interviewed "Stone Cold" Steve Austin on the WOOOOO! Nation podcast. During the show, Flair told a story about "Macho Man" Randy Savage wanting to defeat Triple H in a squash match on Triple H's way out of WCW.

According to Flair, Triple H, then Jean-Paul Levesque, turned down a $250,000 deal from WCW in favor of signing with the WWF. At the same time, Savage was making his debut for WCW.

"Savage came in that day and Savage wanted to beat Hunter in like 30 seconds," Flair recalled. "I said, 'that ain't going to happen.' Savage and I had the worst argument of all time. When you like someone's talent, you just don't squash a guy going out the door. I don't think you do that to a guy."

Instead, Flair claims he had Savage wrestle Arn Anderson for 20 minutes and when the match aired on television, Savage called Flair on the telephone.

Flair recalled, "[Savage] goes, 'that looked like s--t! I blew up!'. I said, 'buy a StairMaster' and I hung up on him."

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Also, Flair claimed that Triple H got into the professional wrestling business through Flair. While Flair owned several Gold's Gym locations in the Carolinas, Triple H worked at a Gold's Gym in New England. During a seminar by American Club Systems, Gold's Gym management company, Triple H approached Flair.

Flair said, "and, of course, I came out of the bar, entertaining myself with a balloon or something like that and Hunter handed me a tape, I took the tape back, and he was in Atlanta [Georgia] two weeks later."

In addition to talking about Savage wanting to squash Triple H, Austin and Flair discussed many topics including Austin's "Ringmaster" gimmick, TNA's ongoing struggles, and Flair's record 16 world title reigns. To check out the rest of the show, click here.


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