Ring Of Honor All-Star Extravaganza VII Results: Jay Lethal In Two Title Matches, AJ Styles, Return

Welcome to Wrestling Inc's coverage for ROH All-Star Extravaganza VII. Tonight's show is a huge card, featuring Jay Lethal, Young Bucks, AJ Styles, The Briscoes, Moose, and more. You can check out the event preview above, and our exclusive interview with ROH color commentator Steve Corino at this link.

ROH World Television Championship
Jay Lethal (c) (w/ Truth Martini) vs. Bobby Fish

Fish applies a Lebell Lock early, but Lethal gets to the ropes and ducks out. A kneebar leads to the same thing, and it's getting hard for Lethal to avoid Fish's submissions. Fish gets an armbar, then switches to a kneebar, but Lethal gets to the ropes again. Truth Martini grabs Jay Lethal's foot, and Lethal hits the Lethal Injection, but Fish rolls outside.

Lethal goes outside and tosses Fish into the barricade repeatedly. Fish barely makes it in by the 20 count. After a chinlock, Fish comes back with a big exploder suplex into the corner that only gets a two count. Fish goes to work on Lethal's leg, but gets pushed outside the ring again.

Lethal with two crash and burns, and gets caught with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker by Fish. A moonsault almost gets three for Fish. A Fish Hook is applied, but Lethal is at the ropes.

Fish tries to retain the advantage but is victim to Lethal COmbination and Hail to the King. Fish counters a Lethal Injection with a big wheel kick, but gets superkicked. Fish locks on the Fish Hook, but Lethal stacks up Fish and holds the tights for the win!

Winner: Jay Lethal via pinfall to retain the ROH Television Championship

That was an excellent match, which went longer than I thought it would.

If Young loses, Young becomes one of his boys. If Young wins, Dalton has to give up his boys
Silas Young vs. Dalton Castle

Young goes after the boys early, but Castle protects them. Castle hits a deep arm drag and a bunch of headbutts that send Young reeling. He goes for a merry-go-round, but Young catches him with a backbreaker instead. Young counters a series of punches with a good, old fashioned, manly back rake.

Castle catches Young with a nice overhead suplex, but Young backflips out of a German attempt and destroys castle with a backbreaker for two. The two battle on the apron, but Castle ends up eating a sunset flip bomb and an Au Revoir for two.

Castle kicks out and assaults Young in the corner with heavy punches before landing the merry-go-round. A missile dropkick gets two. Castle goes for a suicide dive outside, but Young pulls the boys in the way. Back inside the ring, Young tries to use his kneebrace, but Castle hits the Bangarang, and Young is under the ropes. Young gets a low blow and Misery for the win. The boys are his.

Winner: Silas Young via pinfall (Misery)

There were no losers in that match, the angle would have been excellent either way. Castle/Young is one of the most underrated feud in recent wrestling memory.

- Briscoes are out to face a mystery team. BJ Whitmer and Adam Page come out, but they're both hurt, so Whitmer joins commentary. "Please retire" chants for Whitmer.

Romantic Touch comes out, but gets his ass kicked and tossed from the ring. ANX's music hits, and Kenny King is back in ROH! I guess it wasn't Rhett Titus under the mask all along.

Briscoes vs. ANX

ANX gains control early, with Kenny King hitting a nice snap suplex. However, Titus gets dropped with a clothesline and isolated in the Briscoes' corner. Jay catches Titus with a big wheel kick, and Titus is in a bad way.

King finally gets the tag and dominates Mark, but tags Titus right back in. The Briscoes hit a big powerbomb/neckbreaker, but Titus manages to kick out. King prevents a Doomsday Device, but ends up getting a suicide dive from Jay. Titus follows up with a flip dive onto Jay, and Mark does an apron Blockbuster. ANX hits the One Night Stand for the win.

Winners: ANX via pinfall (One Night Stanr)

After the match, Adam Page kicks Jay right in the ding ding, but ANX run him off. Briscoes and ANX shake hands.

Kenny King returning was a huge surprise, and ANX returning is a big shot in the arm.

No DQ Match
Moose (w/ Stokely Hathaway) vs. Cedric Alexander (w/ Veda Scott)

No code of honor, as Moose attacks Cedric right out of the gate. Moose with a running headbutt with a football helmet on, and it looked nasty. Kevin Kelly brings up former TNA World Tag Team Champion Pacman Jones' fine. Fallaway slam into the barricade from Moose, and he grabs a ladder.

Moose leans the ladder against the ring apron and puts Cedric on it. Moose does a flip dive over the top, but Cedric moves and Moose comes crashing through the ladder. Cedric and Veda then attack Stokely Hathaway, and then Cedric tosses a chair in Moose's face for two. Moose gets up and dropkicks a chair right into Cedric's face.

Moose hits a big vaulting body press to the outside, and wedges a chair between the ropes. Cedric turns the tides and huracanrana's Moose into the chair, then hits a spin kick. Alexander goes up top and connects with a Van Terminator for two!

Alexander grabs a table and sets it up in the corner, but gets caught with a pop-up lariat from Moose. Veda smacks Moose, allowing Cedric to land a springboard tornado DDT. Moose doesn't care, though. He back body drops Alexander through a leaned ladder that breaks in half, but it's a just a two.

Alexander hits about 7 dropkicks in a row, and Veda gives him a wrench. Stokely takes Cedric down, and Cedric accidentally kicks Veda. Stokely with a wrench shot, Moose with a spear through the table for the win.

Winner: Moose via pinfall (spear)

That was a fantastic No DQ match.

Match #3 in Best-of-5
ACH vs. Matt Sydal

Sydal with an arm drag, and works over ACH's arm before an escape. The two counter each other in flashy fashion until Syndl uses a huracanrana. He gets sent outside, where ACH goes over the top rope with a Fosbury Flop before a spinning legdrop over the ropes. Back inside, ACH gets a cross body, but lands mostly on Sydal's leg.

Sydal fights back with kicks, then applies a vicious looking toe hold/half crab variation. Sydal scores a standing moonsault and goes to work on the leg of ACH before catching a boot right in the mush. Sydal gets a two off of his splits legdrop. Back on the feet ACH clobbers Sydal with a lariat and gets his own two count off of a German Suplex.

ACH kicks Sydal down from the ropes and comes down with a double foot stomp to Sydal's back. Both men trade pin attempts, but no nice. Sydal reverse ranas before crashing and burning outside, which brings the crowd to life. ACH hits his 450, but gets a two count when the crowd wanted three. Brainbuster, 450, pin for ACH.

Winner: ACH via pinfall (450) to take a 2-1 lead in the best of 5 series.

That match was a little slower paced than expected. It didn't help that they had to follow a guano crazy No DQ match, either.

ROH World Tag Team Championship
The Addiction (c) vs. Kingdom (w/ Maria Kanellis) vs. Young Bucks

Everything is chaotic, which results in Young Bucks superkicks #1 and #2 to Addcition. Bennett flies over the ropes, followed by the Bucks' suicide dropkick, corkscrew combo. The Bucks go virtually unscathed through the first several minutes until Addiction hit a slam/neckbreaker combo. A facecrusher/legdrop gets a two count on Matt Jackson.

Taven gets in the ring and makes a lewd gesture before he and Bennett isolate Matt in their corner, which is across the ring from the other teams. Bennett hits a Twist of Fate, but Taven misses the Swanton Bomb. Daniels went to the other end of the ring, pulls Bennett down and tags himself in from the opposite side of the ring. Superkicks #3 and #4 to Daniels and Taven allow Nick to tag in.

Superkick #5 to Daniels, who is being held upside down by Matt. Legdrop/Swanton from the Bucks to Daniels gets a two, and they call for a superkick party. Maria gets on the apron, which allows Kingdom to attack. Nick lands his slingshot facebuster to tornado DDT on Kingdom, but he's taken out by Addiction. This match is wild.

Everyone ends up being taken out with a huge series of moves, including a cutter, Angel's Wings and Superkicks #6 and #7. Suck it's all around from Matt, who walks into superkick and spear from Kingdom. Taven eats Celebrity Rehab, but Nick hits Daniels and Bennett with Superkicks #8 and #9. Maria gets on the apron and is clocked by Daniels. Bennett kicks his ass.

A masked KRD, who is usually Sabin comes out and attacks Addiction, using Sabin's finish. Superkicks #9 and #10 to Daniels, followed by a Meltzer Driver, but Taven rolls up Jackson for the win.

Winners: Kingdom via pinfall to win the ROH World Tag Team Championship

That was really good. A shocking moment with Maria getting hit, and a good plot twist with the KRD guy.

Number One Contender's Match
AJ Styles vs. Adam Cole vs. Michael Elgin vs. Roderick Strong

All four go at it, and AJ Styles ends up leaving all threeon the ground. Strong comes in and takes Styles out with an Olympic Slam. Elgin uses his mutant slam to keep lifting Cole in a suplex while the two others try to break up the move. Finally they get him to give up on it and he's sent outside the ring.

Cole connects with an enziguri and a knee to Strong, but it just gets a two. Cole hits Styles with one of the biggest knees of all-time for another two before Elgin tosses him around. Roderick Strong then comes in to match Cole's knee with one of the biggest dropkicks ever. Elgin then Samoan Drops Strong while fallaway slamming Cole.

Styles and Elgin botch a flipping reverse DDT, but Styles saves it with a double foot stomp. All four men end up down after Styles and Cole take each other out with big clotheslines.

All four get up at the same time, and have a circle of strikes. Elgin gets a Falcon Arrow on Cole, and a spinning back fist to Strong. Double knee gutbuster on Elgin, Sick Kick on Styles, Strong Breaker on Cole from Stong, but it's broken up. Elgin hits a Buckle Bomb on AJ then takes everyone out.

Styles fights back with a beautiful Frankensteiner on Elgin, and Cole connects with a Destroyer before Styles breaks it up. Cole and Styles are face to face, and Styles totally kicks his ass with strikes, a Bloody Sunday and Styles Clash for the win.

Winner: AJ Styles via pinfall (Styles Clash)

AJ Styles vs. Jay Lethal is the biggest possible match that can happen outside of WWE right now. Will it happen?

ROH World Championship
Jay Lethal (c) (w/ Truth Martini) vs. Kyle O'Reilly

Jay Lethal slaps O'Reilly, and the two go back and forth with monkey flips and body scissors until O'Reilly applies a double wristlock. Lethal breaks out and applies a modified surfboard. O'Reilly counters, but ends up eating a seated dropkick from Lethal.

The two trade strikes, with Lethal connecting with an enziguri and a belly-to-back suplex. O'Reilly obliterates Lethal with a series of kicks and two double underhook suplexes into a double underhook facecrusher for two. O'Reily counters a Lethal Injection with a tilt-a-whirl guillotine, but ends up getting a Lethal Combination anyway.

Koji Clutch from Lethal is turned into an ankle lock from O'Reilly. Kyle blasts Lethal with a knee as he attempts Lethal Injection again, but Lethal tosses O'Reilly on top of his head. O'Reilly catches Lethal in an armbar out of a Lethal Injection attempt, and Lethal almost pins Kyle the same way he did Fish.

O'Reilly scores a brainbuster for two, and stomps Lethals' face into the mat before booting Martini off the apron. Kyle locks on a triangle, but Martini pulls the ref out. Nigel McGuinness kicks Truth Martini out. O'Reilly accidentally kicks the ref, and Lethal Injection scores for Jay. He picks up the title belt, but Fish makes the save. Dijak comes out and attacks Fish, and Cole shows up and takes out Dijak. Cole superkicks O'Reilly, turning on him. Lethal with the Lethal Injection for the win!

Winner: Jay Lethal via pinfall (Lethal Injection) to retain the ROH World Championship.

Kingdom comes out and they all attack O'Reily to end the show.


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