Ring Of Honor TV Recap (9/15): War Machine, ReDRagon, Dalton Castle In Action, Moose, Jay Lethal

Welcome to Wrestling Inc's coverage of Ring of Honor TV. This show serves as the go-home episode for this weekend's ROH All-Star Extravaganza VII show this Friday. Wrestling Inc will have full, live coverage of the PPV.

- The House of Truth comes out and are greeted by streamers. Jay Lethal joins commentary.

House of Truth (w/ Truth Martini & Jay Lethal) vs. ReDRagon

Diesel kicks O'Reilly on a lock up attempt, and the two trade strikes until O'Reilly connects with a knee and then a big slap. Fish gets tagged in and dominates Diesel with kicks before tagging out. Dijak ends up catching O'Reilly and just chucking him over the top rope before the commercial. Dijak lands a big boot as we come back, but O'Reilly kicks out.

House of Truth cuts off the ring and isolates O'Reilly until he fights back with a sweep kick and tags Bobby Fish. Diesel and Fish are kind of clunky in the ring, but Fish hits an exploder suplex into the corner. The subsequent pin is broken up by Dijak, but reDRagon chop him down with big leg kicks. O'Reilly makes a big dive to the outside and misses, but comes back to rear naked choke Dijak. Fish Hook on a bloody Diesel gets the win.

Winners: reDRagon via submission (Fish Hook)

Lethal gets face to face with reDRagon and has to be pulled away.

- We see a promo from the Briscoes, who make an open challenge for ROH All-Star Extravaganza.

Cedric Alexander (w/ Veda Scott) vs. Dalton Castle (w/ His Boys)

Silas Young is on commentary. Castle and Cedric trade arm drags early on and Alexander gets creeped out by Castle. Dalton hits a nice hatch suplex and a forearm before getting ding dinged on the top rope. Veda helps Alexander choke Castle, but the Boys fan her away. Alexander kicks Castle anyway.

As we come back from commercial, we see Alexander hit a big shoulder block and pummels Castle. Dalton hits a nice back elbow and a clothesline over the top rope. Cedric hides behind Veda, but then decks Castle. He gets posted right after and Castle scores a merry-go-round huracanrana. Castle catches Cedric in mid air with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex that only gets a two count.

Alexander fights back with a big spin kick as Young trashes Castle on commentary. Castle lands a beautiful German Suplex that looked like a three count, but Alexander got up. Alexander rolls up Castle after Silas distracts for the win.

Winner: Cedric Alexander via pinfall

Dalton Castle runs Silas Young off following the match. Moose shows up and spears Cedric while Stokely Hathaway distracts.

- We see this week's Inside ROH with Mandy Leon and Adam Cole.

War Machine vs. Kingdom (w/ Maria)

Kingdom both kick War Machine and mock the Young Bucks, but War Machine so sells it. War Machine dominates Taven in their corner, brutalizing him with strikes before a slam that turns him inside out. Rowe and Hanon then body slam and power bomb one another onto Taven to add insult to injury. Bennett gets tagged in but meets the same fate as his partner, getting sledge hammered. Maria interferes and almost gets sledgehammered, but Taven pulls Hansen out and kicks him, allowing Bennett to hit a senton as we go to break.

We come back and Kingdom are getting handled by Rowe with ease as he no-sells their punches. Rowe lands a Bossman slam with no spin, and it looked great. Bennett stops Fallout, and War Machine is sent outside. Kingdom get caught on dives, and Bennett is powerbombed onto Taven on the apron. Hanson and Taven have a cartwheel battle and Taven kicks Hanson. A big spinebuster from Bennett and Taven follow up, but only get two.

War Machine hits the Path of Resistance, but Maria holds Hanson's leg. Young Bucks yank her off the apron and threaten a superkick, but Maria runs away. Fallout on Kindgom, and War Machine wins.

Winner: War Machine via pinfall (Fallout)

Young Bucks superkick party on Kingdom, but then KRD jumps the Bucks after to close the show.


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