Ring Of Honor TV Recap (9/23): NJPW Stars Appear, Briscoes, Okada, Michael Elgin In Action, More

Welcome to this week's coverage of Ring of Honor TV. This is our first episode following the All-Star Extravaganza TV VII show, although it was taped before

Michael Elgin vs. Silas Young

Elgin keeps using his mutant strength to stifle Silas Young at every turn. A press slam leaves Young in a bad way, and then Elgin holds his opponent over his head for a 34-second hanging suplex. Young manages a DDT on the apron before putting the boots to Elgin. Young goes for a suplex and drops Elgin on his injured knee.

Elgin comes back with a German suplex, and then beats the hell out of Young with strikes. Young fights back, but walks right into an enziguri. Young manages a punt to the face, followed by a rolling Samoan drop and an insane handstand slingshot moonsault. Elgin gets up and scores a big discus lariat. Elgin deadlift Super Falcon Arrows Young, who somehow kicks out. Young hits Misery, but Elgin wisely rolls out of the ring.

Young pulls up the padding at ringside, but ends up getting powerbombed into the barricade. Elgin Bomb for the win.

Winner: Michael Elgin via pinfall (Elgin Bomb)

Young refuses the handshake after the match.

Caprice Coleman vs. ACH

ACH has a really tough time early on, as Caprice cuts him off and reverses everything he has to offer. Finally, ACH hits a dropkick that knocks Coleman out of the ring, where he's tossed into the guard rail. Back in the ring, Coleman reverses Get Over Here with a facebuster, then hits The Trinity for a two count.

The two reverse a series of kicks until Coleman hits a one inch punch. ACH no sells it, but then collapses when it hits the ropes. ACH kicks out of a Sky Splitta and hits a superkick. Brainbuster and 450 win it for ACH.

Winner: ACH via pinfall (450)

Steve Corino asks Caprice Coleman what was in the letter Prince Nana gave him. Coleman says it was money and a letter. He said he didn't get it at first, but after losing this match, he does.

- Delirious and Mandy Leon do this week's Inside ROH.

Briscoes & Hirooki Goto vs. Okada & RPG Vice

Quick tags in and out until Jay starts beating the hell out of Rocky Romero. Goto ennds up tackling Baretta to the mat and tagging in Mark Briscoe, who rips off his headband and does redneck Kung Fu with it. RPG and Okada take out all of the babyfaces, and isolate Mark Briscoe in the corner after a double team knees. Baretta does his slingshot tease and then just stomps Mark, and Okada does the same to a huge pop.

Briscoe reverses a Rainmaker attempt with a DVD, and then Goto tags in and cleans house. Okada ends up hitting him with a big flapjack anyway, followed by a DDT and a sick running European uppercut. RPG Vice knock the Briscoes off the apron, allowing Okada to hit the top rope elbow. Okada signals for the Rainmaker, but eats a neckbreaker as we go to our final commercial break.

We come back to see Jay Briscoe in control until RPG Vice both double team him with a bevy of knee strikes. Mark dominates both members of RPG Vice, and then he and his brother hit a crucifix neckbreaker on Romero for two. Okada hits Goto with an over-the-shoulder neckbreaker, but all hell breaks loose, and everyone ends up down after a series of strikes.

Briscoes hit the Doomsday Device on the floor to Baretta. Back inside, Mark hits the froggy elbow for the two. Briscoe goes for a Jay Driller, but gets dropkicked by Romero. Rocky with a fisherman buster to Mark, followed by an Okada Tombstone. Okada also hits a big dropkick on Okada, but gets headbutted going for the Rainmaker. Jay Briscoe gets Baretta with the Jay Driller to win the match.

Winners: Briscoes & Hirooki Goto via pinfall (Jay Driller)


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