Scott Hall On Ultimate Warrior's WWF Departure Changing Plans For Him, Not Getting World Title Shots

Scott Hall took time from a recent meet and greet in Houston, Texas to talk to Title Match Wrestling about why he didn't get very many world title matches throughout his extensive WWE and WCW runs.

"I was doing whatever was asked of me. I looked at it as being a team player, whatever the team needed me to do on pay-per-view. Whether it was being on first or being on last," the WWE Hall of Famer said.

Speaking of matches that didn't happen, Hall was asked about the major reshuffling that went down ahead of Survivor Series in 1992. Major roster changes prevented the originally scheduled line-up from going down.

"It was supposed to be Flair and I against Warrior and Savage. Warrior had a history of holding Vince up for money before pay-per-views to get his guarantees, and Vince called his bluff. They had to substitute for Warrior, so they brought Mr. Perfect in," Hall said.

Hall also said that Warrior leaving the WWF caused a major structure change to the match.

"I was told prior to the match I was going to break Randy's leg and retire him. But when you have a substitute, you have to feature the substitute, so I think I got PerfectPlex'd and Flair got PerfectPlex'd," said Hall.

You can see the full video of Hall's comments above.


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