Scott Hall Says He's Going Back To NXT; Talks About Divas Revolution, Puts Over Finn Balor, More

WWE Hall of Famer Scott Hall appears to be back on the right path, and Title Match Wrestling caught up with him at a signing and meet and greet to speak to him about WWE developmental and the Divas revolution.

Hall said that he really enjoys the NXT show, and that he'll be returning soon to help out some of the younger wrestlers out behind the scenes. Hall was present at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn last month.

"I'm a huge fan of NXT, and I've been invited back to help smarten up the young guys. It's something I enjoy doing, and to me NXT is the hottest wrestling out there," explained Hall.

When asked about a couple of talents that he particularly enjoyed from the brand, Hall singled out two international superstars, whose careers are closely linked.

"I'm a big fan of Finn Balor," said Hall. "I think he's going to be a big star, and I really think that Becky Lynch is a star in the making."

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With a shift in the way WWE presents their female wrestlers, Hall thinks that the idea of a Divas revolution was a good one. He sees it as an opportunity for WWE to help sustain their own brand.

"I think it's a great idea. With three hours of TV every week, it's like a free pay-per-view, and they're burning up the talent. Getting the women more involved stretches the broadcast out if nothing else. I think the fan's minds have changed a bit about women's wrestling," said Hall.

You can see the full video above.


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