This week on the Steve Austin Show podcast, ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin talked about his favorite professional wrestling championship belts and indicated that he is not a fan of the current WWE Tag Team Championship belts.

Austin, who claimed to be a “traditionalist” and “an old school belt guy”, named the “ten pounds of gold” NWA World Championship belt, the “winged eagle” and “smoking skull” WWE World Championship belts, as well as the WWE Intercontinental Championship and WCW Television Championship belts that he carried as some of his all time favorite professional wrestling championship belts.

While Austin acknowledged that championship belts can begin to look outdated, Austin said, “when it is time for an upgrade, whether you go that ten pounds of gold route or you just increase the size of the belt, man, make that classic wrestling look.”

As for the current WWE Tag Team Championship belts, Austin stated, “those belts are not the best looking belts I’ve ever seen in my life.”

“They look like two gigantic copper pennies that got run over by a railroad train and they put them on a piece of leather,” Austin said. “Gold means championship and you can get away with classic silver, and a lot of belts did, but, come on, man. Bronze? Copper?”

To check out the podcast in its entirety, click here.

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