The Miz Gives Advice On How To Distance Yourself From A Reality TV Past, Breaking Into WWE

- The Miz recently spoke with to give his guide to distancing yourself from your reality TV past. The full interview is at this link. Below are a few of his tips:

Go big or go home:

"When I was on The Real World, I moved back to Cleveland, and I had a choice: My dad was like, 'You should stay in Cleveland and be the big name out here.' I was like, 'But no, Dad, I wanna be a WWE superstar.' He was like, 'What are you talking about?' I looked on Yahoo and found wrestling schools all over America, and I wanted to find one that was in Los Angeles, 'cause I wanted to not only prepare myself for WWE, but I wanted to take acting classes, improv classes get all the tools I would need to become a WWE superstar. Not only that, I wanted to do as many reality shows as I could so I could get my name out there, because WWE might be able to see that and say, 'Hey, not only is this guy on TV, but he has a following.' I moved from Cleveland to Los Angeles in a matter of a month."

Don't be Ryan Seacrest:

"When I first came to WWE, I was told I was going to be the host of Friday Night SmackDown, and if you wanna be a WWE superstar, the worst thing you can be told is they want you to be the Ryan Seacrest of the WWE. I said, 'Ya know what, they're gonna give me a microphone. If they give me a microphone, I can make an audience boo me or cheer me.' That's how I proved myself [as a WWE star]."

Never get comfortable:

"If you succeed at a goal, make another one, and make it even bigger. My goal now is to win an Oscar. When I say that, people laugh at me. When I said I wanted to be a WWE superstar, they laughed at me. When I said I wanted to main-event WrestleMania, they laughed at me. So far I've been able to prove them wrong, and that fuels my fire. Now I need to find the tools to get me where I need to get next. I make goals that everyone else thinks are unattainable, but I know I can do it."



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