The Rock Smacks Down Mean Tweet On "Jimmy Kimmel," Vince Russo Appearance, Kevin Nash, Mickie James

- The Rock was among a host of celebrities that appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! this week as part of the shows "Mean Tweets" segment, which you can watch in the video above at the 4:38 mark. The tweet to The Rock read, "I'm really sick of seeing the rock ... blah blah blah dwayne johnson..blah blah blah candy ass movie star blah blah blah go suck it!"

The Rock replied, "Oh, I'll give you something to suck."

- Gimmick Tree Entertainment will be at this years "THE BIG EVENT" Pro Wrestling Convention on Saturday, November 14th in Flushing, Queens, NY. Vince Russo will make a rare appearance and sign autographs and take pictures at the table. You can get more information or purchase tickets at

- Kevin Nash, Mickie James, Sgt. Slaughter, Magnus, Tyrus and Robbie E. are among the stars that will be appearing at "Wrestling Under The Stars" this Sunday at Williamsport's Susquehanna Bank Park in Williamsport, PA. You can get more information or purchase tickets by clicking here.

Tweener contributed to this article.


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