Titus O'Neil Flies To Hang Out With A Fan, Kane's Looks - WWE 2K16 Video, Heath Slater's Fans

- The WWE 2K16 video game developers posted this video of Kane's many faces in the game.

- Heath Slater's official fansite is calling for "Give Slater a Chance Day" on Monday, October 5th after WWE definitely took notice of "Heath Slater Appreciation Day" this past Monday. They tweeted the following, which was re-tweeted by Slater:

- Titus O'Neil flew to Charlotte, North Carolina on Tuesday after the WWE SmackDown tapings in Albany, New York to hang out with 10 year old Elijah, who is fighting cancer for the fourth time. Titus posted the following and says he met the fan months ago and has kept in touch with him:


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