Titus O'Neil On His Post-WWE Career Plans, Prime Time Players Tag Team With Darren Young

- Titus O'Neil recently spoke with Brian Fritz of SportingNews.com to promote the University of Florida's new #GatorGood campaign. The full interview is at this link. Titus commented on his Prime Time Players tag team with Darren Young:

"We never really understood why we were broken up to start with, but the second time around has profited us well with winning the WWE tag team titles which was a goal we had before."

Titus said he hasn't asked about getting into movies yet but it's a possibility. The former WWE Tag Team Champion noted that he was planning on getting into football coaching before taking a chance on pro wrestling and commented on what he's planning for life after WWE:

"Sometimes life has a funny thing of working things out. Once I'm done here in WWE, I plan on pursuing my coaching career or in broadcasting. Either way I'm covered and whenever my contract is done here, I have no worries about the next move I'm going to make."

Titus also talked about giving back through community efforts, his mother and more in the full interview.

Source: SportingNews.com


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