Welcome to our WrestlingINC.com Live Impact Viewing Party. We will be providing live ongoing coverage of tonight's show, while you all can chime in with your thoughts throughout the show.

TNA/GFW promo airs.

Jeff and Karen Jarrett are in the ring to discuss their actions. The GFW roster is out too. The crowd is chanting "TNA" and "You Sold Out!" Jeff says the supershow was "Off the charts successful." Karen says Bully had it coming. Jeff calls this an invasion and says he's out to expand his empire. Josh is all morally outraged on commentary and wants him out of the Hall of Fame. Chris Mordetsky issues an open challenge. Lashley comes out and accepts. Karen and Jeff were quite good here.

Bobby Lashley vs. Chris Mordetsky

This felt so 2007. The match ended in DQ when Lashley hit the spear onto Masters and the GFW roster ran out to interfere. The wolves came out for the rescue. Huge brawl.

Winner by DQ: Bobby Lashley

Karen comes down a Feast or Fired briefcase that she got from Magnus. She announces Myers and Lee will take on the wolves for the tag titles. There was a funny moment when Jeff and Earl Hebner started brawling because Earl didn't want to let the match happen because it was unfair. Earl ended up punching Jeff in the face. Earl: Savior of TNA.

Trevor Lee and Bryan Meyers vs. Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards

This started out well but degenerated into a mess. The wolves were set to get the double tap out but Sonjay got involved. Lee Meyers hit the briefcase for the win and he pins Edwards. We've got new tag team champions.

Winner: Meyers and Lee

Roode cuts a promo backstage. He's a babyface now. He says hes tired of being disrespected by Jeff and management. He's ready for PJ Black tonight.

Carter talks about growing up. He says he never liked The Hardy Boyz mysteries as a boy and was always more of a "choose your own adventure person." He says Matt and Jeff have chosen their own adventure and says he's excited for Jeff Hardy being his servant. He gives Jeff instructions about the coffee he likes.

PJ Black vs. Bobby Roode for the KOTM Title

Roode is on the offense right away and runs wild with clotheslines. They go outside and brawl. Roode sends Black into the barricade. Roode then grabs his head and hits it off the apron. Back in the ring and Black is trying to fight back, but Roode continues with the barrage of punches and chops. He gets a two off the cover. Black fights back with the superkick. Black hits a dive through the ropes. He hits another dive back in the ring. He heels it up to the crowd. Back from commercial and Roode is fighting back with the blockbuster. Roode hits a springboard and spinebuster for a two count. Black hits the DDT and gets a two. Roode hits the crossface but is distracted by Dutt at ringside. Black tries to get the roll up on him as he is distracted but only gets a two. Roode bomb for the win.

Winner: Bobby Roode

Jeff Jarrett comes out with Meyers and Lee as Roode makes a quick exit into the crowd. Jeff says he is simply taking back what was stolen from him. Dixie comes out. Jeff talks about all the mistakes she has made while running the promotion. Eh, it's hard to refute that one. He says she failed miserably. Dixie says the difference between her and Jeff is that at least she can own up to her mistakes. Dixie said Jeff didn't just teach her about pro wrestling, he taught her about egotism. She says Jeff could have stuck around in TNA but decided to take his ball and go home.

Jeff reminds us that he has an ownership stake. Dixie suggests a "Winner Takes all Match" for control of TNA. Jeff says he has plenty of people in GFW willing to fight with him, but who does she have? Drew, Lashley and the Wolves comes out. Drew says he's ready to fight. The new Front Line. Drew tells Jeff to get his white flag ready. Interesting bit, but maybe too much work-shoot stuff. Do you really have to call the company "a failure" on national television? It doesn't seem terribly smart.

Backstage GFW get their team ready for Winner Takes All. Then Kenny King is in the ring and issues an open challenge. Bram answers it. This is rather random.

Bram vs. Kenny King

Things end up outside early. Back in the ring Bram goes after King with clotheslines. King gets a two count off of a dropkick. Bram hits the DDT for the win. Throwaway match.

Winner: Bram

The Hardyz are backstage and Jeff wonders if he's going to have to be EC3's servant. Matt tells Jeff the stips have motivated him more than ever.

In the ring, Velvet Sky cuts a promo on Taryn Terrell. She says Taryn will wish she had never met her by the time she's done with her. Taryn says she will destroy Velvet. She talks about her mainstream acting career and says she's been on the cover of magazines and is everywhere. She says Velvet, meanwhile, looks like she wandered out of Hot Topic. The rest of the Dollhouse come out and surround the ring but Madison and Angelina Love make the save. Apparently The Beautiful People are back together! Except this time around they are biker chicks.

A Carter/Hardy recap video airs. Drew asks Dixie backstage if this match is a good idea. She says she has no choice and needs control of the company back. The "Winners Takes All" match will take place at Lockdown per the on-screen graphics.

Ethan Carter is out with Tyrus and Jeff is out with Matt.

Ethan Carter vs. Matt Hardy for the TNA World Title

The lock up to start. Crowd is really behind Hardy. Hardy shoves Carter into the ropes. Crowd chants "Carter sucks!" Matt tries to take him down in the ring. He hits a swinging neckbreaker for a two count. Carter is caught in a backdrop and sent to to the outside for the ad break. We come back to see Carter with the advantage. Jeff is trying to cheer on Matt at ringside. Carter has Matt in a sleeper hold. He fights out with some punches and hits the Side Effect for the two. He hits the Twist of Fate for referee Brian Hebner is down. Tyrus goes after Matt snd Carter hits Matt with the belt for the two count. Jeff gets involved and hits Tyrus with the chair. Hardy and Matt exchange finishers but neither is able to get the pin. Matt goes for the Twist of Fate and misses .EC3 then hits a low blow and gets the win off the Sunset Flip. Poor Jeff.

Winner: Ethan Carter III

Ethan is laughing evilly. He orders Jeff to get into the ring and raise his hand. This angle could be good.