TNA Impact Wrestling Results: Lumberjack Match, Jeff Hardy Is EC3's Assistant, Knockouts, More

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Recap video for last week airs.

Josh and Pope are on commentary. Josh says TNA's future is in jeopardy. They also talk about the Carter/Hardy main event last week. Jeff Hardy is now Carter's servant. Yikes.

Ethan Carter is out with Tyrus. He boasts about beating Matt last week. Then he introduces his new Personal assistant: Jeff Hardy. Jeff comes looking dejected. Carter gives Jeff a giant placard of his head to hold up. That's pretty funny. Carter is so smug here. He announces Carter/Tyrus vs. Rockstar Spud and Matt Hardy. Hardy and Spud are out.

Ethan Carter and Tyrus vs. Matt Hardy and RockStar Spud

Hardy and Tyrus brawl to start things off. Carter tags in and Matt throws some punches at him. Spud tags in and starts going after Carter. Spud gets sent out and attacked by Tyrus who throws him back in the ring. Carter hits a suplex and goes after Spud's neck. Tyrus tags in and they double team him. Carter tells Jeff to hit Spud with the 2x4 sign but Jeff refuses. Matt gets in and hits some lariats and the the side effect but only gets a two. On the outside, EC3 tries using Jeff as a shield then kicks Matt in the groin. Carter tells Jeff to go after Spud with the chair but he won't. Tyrus hits the ICU for the win.


Winner: Ethan Carter and Tyrus

The wolves talk about losing the tag team belts. Drew is here and says "War is coming." They vow to fight together in in future and be in Drews corner for the lumberjack match. The wolves also talk about their rematch tonight.

Backstage, Taryn tells new Dollhouse member Rebel that she's setting up a test for her to prove herself. She says they have to take out one member of The Beautiful People.

We see Dollhouse/Beautiful people brawl that ends in Angelina getting "hit" by a chair. Well, yeah, they kind of had to do that considering Angelina's pregnancy.

Jeff Jarrett comes out to talk about Lethal Lockdown. He says he will complete the "hostile takeover" at the show. But there's another thing is on his mind: Jeff complains about Roode being the new KOTM. He says that title belongs to him. He says Roode has to return it. Roode comes out. Bobby refuses to hand the belt over. The crowd are chanting his name. Roode says it's not Jeff's title anymore. Roode says he earned it. Roode says the belt really belongs to the fans in TNA. Roode puts the belt down and gets ready to brawl. Karen interrupts and says she has five kids at home and doesn't need two more. She tells them to stop behaving like young children. She says Jeff will do whatever it takes to win at Lockdown. She tells Roode to think about all they've went through together. Karen and Jeff exit. Roode looks quite thoughtful. Will he betray Dixie? This was an interesting segment and everyone involved was quite good.


Backstage in the locker room, Drake, King and Godderz mock Drew for his loyalty to Dixie. Drew is mad at them for not caring about the Jarrett invasion and not doing anything. Kenny says Drew isn't a very good leader. Robbie, Uno and Micah also show up and get involved in a big brawl and Drew says they are going to stand up for TNA tonight.

We also see EC3 scold Jeff Hardy for not being willing to listen to his orders. He tells Jeff to go sell some EC3 shirts.

Drake, Drake and Godderz vs. Robbie E, Tigre Uno and Micah

OK match, but it felt very random and throwaway. It only seems to exist to give the guys something to do and some TV match. Mostly they just brawled and it was a bit of a mess, although Uno and Micah got to do some cool stuff. There was a good spot where Godderz caught Uno's rana and powerbombed him. Robbie won the boom drop on Godderz.

Winner: Robbie E, Tigre Uno and Micah

Gail Kim vs. Brooke Adams

They lock up to start. Kim gets Brooke in the headlock. Brooke gets out of it and goes for the baseball slide but Gail gets out of the ring. They brawl on the floor and Gail knocks Brooke into the ring post. Back in the ring Brooke gets a two count off of a school boy. She gets another two count of the X Factor, Tapa runs into attack Brooke with the KO belt. Brooke and her brawl on the floor. DQ due to the title shot. Tapa gets into the ring and takes out Kim with the TKO. Out comes Awesome Kong. They have a long staredown then start brawling. Kong hits the shoulder block; Tapa counters with the bodyslam. Kong hits a spinning backfist as Tapa leaves the ring. Kong holds the title high.


Winner by DQ: Brooke Adams

Backstage, Jeff Hardy is thanking Drew for all he's doing to stop Jarrett and GFW and says he'll do his part. EC3 interrupts and says it has nothing to do with them. Carter tells Hardy to wash his gear. Tyrus' too, since he sweats. Jeff sighs and tells Drew he can't wait for there to be a new world champion.

The Wolves vs. Myers and Lee

Lot of action to begin with. Wolves run wild early with suicide dives. Lee hits a standing moonsault for a two. Lee hits a suplex on Eddie for another two. Myers and Lee double team Edwards for a while. Eddie fights back and tags in Richards. Davey runs wild with clotheslines and DDTs. Davey hits the suplex. Wolves hit their finishers as Sonjay comes into interfere and tries to pull Earl Hebner out, but Earl hits him. The wolves hit the tombstone piledriver to regain the tag belts! Don't mess with Earl Hebner, I guess.

Winner: The Wolves

Chris Melendez comes out on crutches to confront Eric Young. He says he wants revenge. He tells Young to get out here now. Young comes with the leg and mocks him. Young says he has taken out the American heroes of the world. First Angle, now Melendez. Young says he is God. Young gets in the ring and knocks Melendez down. He accepts the challenge of another chance and says he'll send Melendez packing from the company for good this time.


Drew cuts a promo on Chris Mordetzky. He wants payback tonight.

Matthews interviews Sheera. He says Manik is still his friend but James Storm is a very, very bad man. He says he will beat Storm and show him who he is. He finishes by doing a little dance. This was odd.

Drew Galloway vs. Chris Mordetzky in a lumberjack match

Some trash talking before the bell rings. They start brawling and Galloway throws some forearms and chops. Masters hits some strikes of his own. Masters gets a two count after hitting a Doubleaxe Handle. He hits a lariat but still doesn't get the three count. Sky high by Drew for a two. The wolves and Meyes and Lee get into a fight at ringside. Jeff Jarrett comes out with the guitar. Young runs in and grabs it from Jeff. Hits Drew. Mordezky wins! This was a bit Russo-esque, to be honest.

Winner: Chris Mordetzky.