TNA Impact Wrestling Results: Lethal Lockdown, New KO Champion, Jeff Hardy, More

Welcome to our Live Impact Viewing Party. We will be providing live ongoing coverage of tonight's show, while you all can chime in with your thoughts throughout the show.

We open with a TNA-GFW hype video.


Jeremy Borash introduces Jeff Jarrett and Dixie Carter. Karen is out with Jeff. The contract table is all set up. Josh and Pope talk about TNA's history on commentary. Dixie says she's disappointed in Jeff and hoped they'd be able to re-write history. Karen says she's delusional. Dixie refuses to respond to that. Jeff says he was TNA's first investor and after the show is over tonight he will be running two of the biggest wrestling companies. Jeff sucker punches Borash who sells it like a champ.

We see footage from earlier today of Jeff Hardy driving Ethan Carter around. He borrows Jeff's phone and watches YouTube videos on it. Apparently he has a new uniform for Jeff that he will be forced to wear later tonight.


A video airs detailing the issues between Jarrett and Dixie. A Shera vs. Storm recap video airs too.

Shera vs. Abyss

Shera comes out dancing. The fans seem to like it: This is getting over. Abyss gets mad and attacks him before the bell even rings. Bigfoot is here too, for some reason. Abyss hits Shera with punches and goes after his neck. He threatens the referee. Shera gets a 2 off a chokeslam. He accidentally hits Abyss with the cowbell and Shera hits the Sky High for the win. Short match and a bit too clunky.

Winner: Shera

Jarrett says Eric Young is on team GFW tonight. Ethan Carter is out. He introduces Jeff, who is wearing a terrible suit with Carter's picture all over it. Carter reminds Jeff he needs his job to feed his family and pay his medical bills. Wow, you'd think Hardy would be a little better with money. Rockstar Spud comes out. He trashes Carter for his actions. Carter and Spud come to blows but Tyrus gets involved. Carter forces Hardy to hit Spud.

A Jeff Jarrett video airs.

Brooke Adams vs. Awesome Kong vs. Gail Kim vs. Lei'd Tapa for the Knockouts Title

Gail won back the title. The match was a bit sloppy, particularly Kong and Tapa's exchanges. Tapa isn't ready for her spot. Finish came about when Tapa took out Kong with the Samoan drop and Gail hit the sunset flip onto Brooke for the victory. TNA cut away immediately which seems like a mistake that takes away from the win a little.


Winner: Gail Kim

In the locker room, Drew tries to get the guys ready for the main event. He admits things haven't been great, but it's always darkest before dawn. He says Jeff Jarrett is wrong when he says they're all failures.

Team GFW vs. Team TNA Lethal Lockdown Match

Dutt and Davey are starting things out. Davey gets the texas cloverleaf onto Dutt as Young is out next. Dutt and Sonjay go after Davey. Drew Galloway is out and makes the save. He attacks Eric and suplexes Sonjay. Myers is out. Lashley comes down and starts suplexing and spearing the GFW guys. Mordestzky is out now. Edwards is out next and he teams with Davey to take out Meyers. Jeff is the last GFW guy out. He starts delivering orders to the team and attacks Edwards, throwing him into the cage. Young goes after Davey. TNA has Bram as their last guy. Ad break. The weapons and cage come down. Everyone is brawling. Lashley takes out Eric Young with the spear. Jeff Jarrett grabs a trash can and starts hitting the TNA team. The TNA guys surrounded Jeff and he runs to Karen for safety. He gets dragged back into the cage and hit with a ton of finishers. Edwards and Richards hit the coast to coast on him. Myers goes after Lashley. Bram and Chris Masters brawl. Drew superkicks Myers on the can to get the win.


Winner: Team TNA

Jarrett throws a tantrum in the ring. Dixie comes down and hugs Drew and they celebrate with the fans to close out the show.