TNA Impact Wrestling Results: Jeff Hardy Gets Fired, No. 1 Contendership Match, Knockouts, More

Welcome to our Live Impact Viewing Party. We will be providing live ongoing coverage of tonight's show, while you all can chime in with your thoughts throughout the show.

Dixie Carter and Drew Galloway open the show, surrounded by the men and women on the roster. Drew thanks Dixie and puts over the passion of the TNA wrestlers in fighting off the GFW guys. Dixie announces several matches for tonight, including a world title match. Then Dixie turns to Eric Young. Young comes out with Melendez's leg. Dixie berates him for turning his back on TNA and his fellow wrestlers. Young says he has a 100% iron clad contract. Carter admits this is true but she can get people on the roster to deal with Young. Melendez comes out. Dixie says it will be Melendez vs. Young in a lumberjack match after the commercial break.

Chris Melendez vs. Eric Young

It appears the prosthetic is on the line here. Melendez is struggling at first with his one leg, and Young is mocking him. He throws him out of the ring and the locker room help him get back in. Young stoms on the neck and hits the haymaker. Melendez counters with a jawbreaker. Young stomps him in the corner and even tries to use the prosthetic leg as a weapon. He rakes Melendez's eyes and shoves Earl Hebner. Young hits him with the prosthetic leg and goes for the piledriver but Melendez gets out of it. Melendez shoves down Young and hits a drop kick from the top for the win.

Winner: Chris Melendez

After the match, Melendez celebrates with his prosthetic leg and the rest of the TNA roster.

Taryn does a promo. She talks about taking out Angelina Love last week. She then tells Jade that she's going after Gail next. She tells Marti and Rebel it's time for them to prove their worth.

We see a Ethan Carter and Jeff Hardy skit. Carter tells him he'd better start following orders or else. He says Hardy has to hit RockStar Spud if he is told to.

Bobby Lashley says Lethal Lockdown was great, but now his main goal is to win the belt.

Jade vs. Gail Kim for the Knockouts title

Jade started off strong but Kim quickly gained the advantage with a hurricanrana and chops. Jade got a two off of a German. Gail goes for the Roll 'n Slice and misses. The two brawl. Gail sends Jade outside to the ring post.619 from Gail. Gail hits the Eat Defeat for the win. Afterwards Marti and Jade get in the ring and attack her. Madison Rayne and Velvet Sky made the save. Then Awesome Kong came down and had a staredown with Gail.

Winner: Gail Kim

Rockstar Spud cuts a promo. He says he sympathizes with Jeff Hardy but also wonders what he'll do tonight during Spud vs. Carter. He says he'll do anything for the belt.

Kenny King vs. Tigre Uno

Good match, but they only got around five minutes. Tigre Uno retained the title with a Phoenix springboard splash after King missed a backflip. There was a great moment when Uno did a crossbody off the top as King went through the ropes.

Winner: Tigre Uno

A promo for Carter vs. Spud airs. The match is next. What will Jeff do here?

Ethan Carter vs. Rockstar Spud

Some funny pre-match antics with Carter getting Jeff to give him a massage and tricking Spud with a trick handshake. Spud goes after Carter, with a big flurry of offense. Carter is on the defense and tries to slow Spud down with a chinlock. Spud fights back with chops and kicks in the corner as the referee tries to drag him off. He takes to the air but Carter manages to ground him. Spud bites Carter and goes for the Enziguri. Ethan hits the TKO and One Percenter to retain. Spud came out of this whole thing looking somewhat credible, although the bow tie was kind of silly.

Winner: Ethan Carter

Tyrus attacks Spud after the match. Carter orders Hardy to give him a Twist of Fate. He wants to finish off Spud's career right here tonight. Hardy refuses to do it. Carter and Tyrus are furious. Then Matt shows up. Carter orders Jeff to attack Matt instead then. Then Matt hits Tyrus with a low blow and Jeff goes after Carter. Carter is furious and vows to fire Jeff from TNA later tonight.

The Revolution are now in the ring. Storm says things haven't worked out as he had hoped, but they have to take care of Shera now. He starts getting mad at Abyss. Abyss gets angry and decides to leave. Storm goes crazy and starts saying he "made" Abyss. He pushes Manik away. Then Manik tears off his mask and quits too. Shera comes out and challenges Storm to a match. Storm leaves the ring. He says he's only willing to fight Shera on his own time.

Galloway thanks the Wolves for their help at Lethal Lockdown, but he says tonight it is every man for himself and they are all going to do their very best to win.

Matt says sorry to Jeff for getting him fired. Jeff says it's fine.

Bobby Lashley vs. Eddie Edwards vs. Davey Richards vs. Drew Galloway vs. Bram for No. 1 contendership

Galloway won after escaping the spear and eliminating Lashley with running Yakuza kick. Bram was eliminated from the match first after the Wolves hit the double stomp off the top rope. The wolves got eliminated next at the same time when Lashley spears Edwards and Galloway hit the future shock on Edwards. Then it was just Lashley and Galloway left. Afterwards, Lashley was a good sport and shook Galloway's hand. So Galloway is going to Bound for Glory to fight for the World belt.

Winner and new No.1 contender: Drew Galloway

EC3 comes out and orders Jeff to come down to the ring and plead to get his TNA job back. Jeff isn't in the begging mood and tells him just to do it. Jeff says he's not scared. Carter orders him to get on his knees, kiss the belt and say sorry. Jeff won't do it. He tells Carter he can take his job and shove it. Carter fires him on the spot. Carter was great in this skit.


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