Welcome to our WrestlingINC.com Live Impact Viewing Party. We will be providing live ongoing coverage of tonight's show, while you all can chime in with your thoughts throughout the show.

Ethan Carter opens the show. He gloats about firing Jeff Hardy last week. The crowd is booing him viciously. He says now he's focused on Drew Galloway, the new No.1 contender. He calls out Dixie and she comes out. She says her nephew is good in the ring but should be ashamed of his outside-of-the-ring behavior. She wants Drew to win because he saved TNA from Jarrett. Carter says he warned her about Jarrett. He says doesn't care what she wants and says he will beat Drew and retain his belt. Drew comes out. He trashes Carter and tells him to shut his mouth. He says he lead Team TNA to victory over GFW at Lethal Lockdown and he intends to rip Carter apart to get the World title. Carter laughs at him and they have a big staredown.

Storm does an interview for his NODQ match with Shera. He blames him for the end of The Revolution. He says the buzzards have a right to eat. So he's Bray Wyatt, now?

Ethan Carter the Third confronts his aunt backstage. He reminds her that he's the franchise guy. Not Drew. He vows to end Drew's career at BFG.

James Storm vs. Shera in a NODQ match.

Wouldn't it have been better saving this match for the PPV? We start things with brawling in the aisle. Shera dominates Storm to start things off but Storm hits a big low to get the advantage. Storm brings steel chairs from under the ring into the match. He slams Shera through the chairs but can only get a two. Storm grabs a beer bottle and tries to use it on Shera. The ref gets beer in the eye from Storm and is down. Shera hits his finisher on Storm but no one is around to do the three-count. Storm gets the cowbell and smashes Shera in the head with it. He sends him through a table. But Shera somehow kicks out? Abyss and Manik come out. They go after Storm after some teasing. Abyss hits the black hole slam and Manik does his frogsplash. Shera hits the Sky High for the win.

Winner: Shera

Dixie makes her announcement. She says she's furious about Ethan Carter's antics, so she adds a new stipulation. If Carter and Tyrus lose in their tag match tonight, Matt Hardy will be added to the BFG main event, thus making it a triple threat.

Bobby Roode does an interview and talks about getting the King of the Mountain title. He issues an ope challenge for the belt at Bound for Glory. He insists he is going to be a fighting champion. Lashley appears and accepts the challenge. They shake hands.

Taryn Terrell talks to Marti and Jade in a segment backstage. She says she has a plan to crush The Beautiful People.

DJZ vs. Trevor Lee vs. Ciampa

Short match, but the guys tried and there were some good high-flying moves. Trever Lee won with the spinning crossbody on DJZ. Amazing that Ciampa is basically on two different wrestling shows right now. Shades of Rick Rude.

Winner: Trevor Lee

Jeremy Borash interviews The Beautiful People. Angelina says she is not scared of the Dollhouse at all. They tell the Dollhouse they have made it personal.

Backstage Ethan Carter is furious about the new stipulation Dixie added.

Madison Rayne and Velvet Sky vs. Marti Belle, Jade and Rebel

The girls start fighting right away. There's brawling all over the place. Velvelt hits a splash on Marti. Velvet gets a 2 off of a running clothesline. Madison gets in and does after Marti with slaps and kicks. Jade gets in and smashes Rayne's head in the buckles. Madison fights back with a dropkick. Velvet gets back in the ring. She hits some kicks and a neckbreaker for the two. She smashes Jade into the buckles. Madison tags in in. Marti is in the ring too. Rebel throws powder into Madison's eyes and blinds her. Marti picks up the win with the schoolboy.

Winner: The Dollhouse

Promo with Young. He is mad and furious. Young says no one has the nerve to take him out. Robbie E suddenly appears and tells him to shut up. He wants a fight.

Awesome Kong/Gail Kim promo for BFG airs. It plays up their history and the mutual respect they have for each other.

Young comes out and says no one on the whole TNA roster has the nerve to take him on. Robbie E. shows up and offers him a fight. Robbie goes for the spear but Young hits the low blow. Melendez comes out for the save. He has a steel chair. Young tries to get away. But Mr Anderson shows up. He gets on the mic. He asks Young if he truly thinks he is God. He says he's been looking for God his whole life. He says the fans and wrestlers are all sick to death of him. Melendez, Robbie and Anderson all hit their finishers on Young. Quite the beatdown here.

Matt Hardy and Drew Galloway are backstage. They make it clear they respect each other but both are determined to get TNA belt.

Dixie talks to Eric Young. He whines and tells her she has to do something about the roster ganging up on him. She tells him he will be facing Kurt Angle at BFG. Eric gets even more mad.

Ethan Carter III and Tyrus vs. Drew Galloway and Matt Hardy.

Ethan and Drew start things out with a staredown. Ethan quickly taps out ad the crowd are furious. Tyrus gets in and starts throwing Drew all over the place. Drew tags in and they try to work together to take down Tyrus. Tyrus hits the slam on Matt and puts him in a chinlock. Carter gets in and goes o the offense with some kicks and stomps. Matt comes back with a bulldog. He goes for a twist of fate but Tyrus gets involved. Ethan hits a dropkick but gets a two count. Tyrus tags in and starts dominating things again. Drew is desperate to get in. Tyrus even stands on Matt at one point. Back from the break and Ethan is now in and attacking Matt. Hardy is able to counter with the side effect and finally make the tag to Galloway. Drew hits the ring and runs wild on Carter. Carter hits the flying avalanche and the neckbreaker. Tyrus tags in and goes for the elbow shot. Hardy gives him the twist of fate. Drew hits the Yakuza kick. Tyrus is pinned... and Matt is now in the main event at Bound for Glory!

Winners: Drew Galloway and Matt Hardy.

Dixie appears and has another announcement: The main event will have a special guest referee: It's Jeff Hardy. Jeff is out there now. Ethan is not pleased.