Top Indie Star Reportedly "Rubs People The Wrong Way" After WWE NXT Tryout Match

- Regarding the top indie stars expected to sign with WWE and begin at the WWE Performance Center this fall, it was speculated that Tommasso Ciampa could be one of the new talents as he worked a match with Johnny Gargano at the August 13th NXT TV tapings against Tyler Breeze and Solomon Crowe, one that will apparently air on TV in a few weeks in the Dusty Rhodes Classic tag team tournament.


I was told today that Ciampa may have messed up his potential deal as there were apparently issues with him at his WWE tryout. Ciampa reportedly worked a match with Breeze and tried to get all of his important spots in, then complained after the match about Breeze "stiffing" him. This rubbed people in NXT the wrong way. I don't know if the match he complained about was the tag match mentioned above but it sounds like it was. This was referred to as Ciampa's tryout match so it may have been Gargano's tryout match as well.

This isn't saying Ciampa won't be signed but a source very close to the situation believes he may have hurt his chances at signing a WWE deal.